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Divide up tasks and get it done

Andrea Sabean, Nourishing Bliss

"I have two practices that have really helped me with productivity and getting things done. I am a big-picture thinker, which is great when visioning new projects or business ideas but can also cause overwhelm and inertia. It used to take me months – or years – to see those visions come to life. Since implementing these practices, my momentum has skyrocketed, and I am making daily progress towards my goals.

The first practice is to divide each larger project into a manageable list of tasks that need to be completed. I keep this list next to my laptop, and whenever I have time allocated for working towards my business goals, I look at the list and select something I think I can get done in the time I have available. This stops me wasting time in trying to decide what to do next and the list gets checked off quickly! Sometimes, when I am working, I will come across something else that also needs to get done. Having that list close by means that I can just pop that item onto the list and not break my current focus by jumping down another rabbit hole.

The second practice is that when I am just starting to work on something, I focus on getting it done rather than making it awesome. That doesn’t mean that I won’t make it awesome in the end! But at the beginning, it impedes progress if I get caught into worrying about how “good” it is. My working mantra has become, “Get it done, then you can make it better.” Once I’ve got words out on a page, or a video recorded, or a course outlined, it becomes an easy task to edit, revise, and improve."

Advice Contributor

Andrea Sabean

Andrea Sabean is a natural nutrition practitioner and long-time educator who supports others in reaching their health and wellness goals.

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