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Free products show quality

Carles Marsal

"A free product lets you show your future buyers the quality of your work. If you offer a free product, it must have the same quality as a paid one. Forget about creating something that is free but mediocre. It is your opportunity to engage people to buy because if your free products are great, your paid ones must be incredible!

For example, in my case, I offer a free collection of around 50 Photoshop brushes, but I recommend customers buy the paid collection. The paid collection has more than 200 brushes and includes a guide on how to properly use them, always updated. When someone downloads the free collection, an automatic campaign email is sent after two days, reminding them that there's an even better product waiting for them.

Anyone who downloads a free product that surpasses their expectations is a potential client who will trust you whenever you create new content. Of course, there will be people not willing to pay for anything, but at least these people will help spread the word about how good your products are."

Advice Contributor

Carles Marsal

Carles Marsal is a visual artist living and working in Barcelona. He works for a variety of clients all over the world and teaches online courses to share his professional techniques.

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