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Learn as you go

Emely Rumble, LCSW, Literapy NYC

"When I first started, I wish I knew that it’s okay to learn as you go and evolve your brand as you develop new skills. I was so incredibly overwhelmed at first by the aspects of building a brand outside of my area of expertise. The components of brand marketing and social media platform creation were all new to me, and I felt pressure to master these skills fast.

I heard Mahdi Woodard make a helpful comment during an IG Live where he reminded his viewers how long it took for us to develop our respective areas of expertise. He asked why would we think we'd be expert level at any other aspect of business without first cultivating an education around it and learning new skills. This stopped me in my tracks and humbled me.

It was exactly what I needed to hear to gain the confidence to learn as I go and make necessary changes along the way. Everything doesn't have to be perfect in the beginning. You have to just start. You can adjust along the way."

Advice Contributor

Emely Rumble

Emely Rumble, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker, school social worker, and biblio/psychotherapist whose mission is to make mental health and bibliotherapy more accessible.

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