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Take yourself less seriously

Dr. Marcia Dernie, Move With Marcia

"The one change that’s made a huge impact on my business was throwing out the idea of perfectionism.

I no longer wish to be polished and pretty, or skinny and shredded, like the influencers that algorithms usually show. Bodies like mine are not on the top results, and that has nothing to do with me. There is nothing wrong with me.

So, in a sense, this also led to me taking myself less seriously. I don't put on makeup to film content, I don't care if my outfit looks cool, and I don't always edit out typos or mispronunciations. Because I'm a human being sharing movement with other humans.

This change has been huge for my mental health, and it's also led to a dramatic shift in the kind of folks I attract and interact with."

Advice Contributor

Dr. Marcia Dernie

Dr. Marcia Dernie (she/they) is a doctor of physical therapy, black spoonie, and powerlifting strongwoman. She is the owner of @MovewithMarcia which provides both free and affordable resources to help people move better through mobility exercises and yoga.

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