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The power of online courses and communities

Hannah Broughton, The Therapy Adventure

"I began The Therapy Adventure almost ten years ago, but it wasn’t until Covid-19 I really started to think about how I could scale my work. I wish I had known from the beginning about the power of training and, in particular, online courses and communities.

Before, I could oversee one therapist that may work with 50 individuals a year, but through courses and licensing, we can train 50 therapists in just one cohort who each work with at least 50 individuals a year.

We can then provide them with follow-up support through communities. I am a massive advocate of Podia, and it has transformed my business and has transformed the lives of those we support."

Advice Contributor

Hannah Broughton

The Therapy Adventure creates evidence-based outdoor mental health support programs, breaking down barriers to support marginalized groups.

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