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Plan the day before it begins

Eniola Makinde

"This practice saves me a lot of time and helps me focus even on the days that I don’t feel like it - Planning my day before it begins.

Like most entrepreneurs, I have goals. I set quarterly goals for myself, my community growth, and my business at large. But then, I never stop there.

I move ahead to break those quarterly goals into monthly goals, then into weekly goals, and then into daily goals.

For example, if my community goal is to increase my open rate or click-through rate on my emails by a certain percentage, I think of what I can do monthly, weekly, or even daily to achieve that.

Do I need to intentionally learn something new? Do I need training on creating better hooks? Do I need more practice? Do I need to tweak my content strategy a little bit? And so on.

What this means practically is that by most Sundays, I already know what I'm doing for the entire week, and I can assign tasks to different days. And at the end of each workday, I assign *work times* to each task.

This helps me stay focused and prevents my brain from being all over the place with the million things I have to do as a solopreneur.

And even on days I don't feel like working, I don't have to start my day by thinking through what I have to do. It's all laid out for me. So, I just do.

I've been using this hack for over three years now, and it even applies to other parts of my life aside from my business - fitness, spiritual life, mental health, and so on. I hope you find it helpful!"

Advice Contributor

Eniola Makinde

Eniola Makinde is an entrepreneur, coach, and educator who equips believers with the wisdom and clarity they need to produce transformational, life-changing results from their Bible study.

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