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Sell packages, not time

Scott Landis, Awakened Life Coaching & Training

"I have learned the importance of offering different tiers of coaching packages. I found that by offering coursework, support material, workbooks, group and individual coaching, I was able to provide more value to my customers and not be limited by my time.

I started with offering month-to-month coaching packages, and it was a game changer for me. It allowed me to sell packages rather than just selling my time for money. This was a win-win situation because my customers gained more value and I had the potential to grow my business.

Next, I introduced a high-ticket coaching program with a finite time, such as 3 or 4 months. This program was high-value but also expensive, but only the most committed clients participated, and they received fast results, which even saved them money over the long run.

This approach to pricing and packaging allowed me to cater to different types of clients and provide the right level of value to each."

Advice Contributor

Scott Landis

As a Certified Professional Coach with a degree in Psychology, Scott is a thought leader and expert in Relationship Intelligence. He works with highly successful and affluent couples, as a Relationship Fulfillment Coach, to help them build their life dreams together.

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