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Skip the shiny objects

Michael McCabe, Hilltop Video Services

"One of the biggest things to be careful of is the ‘shiny object syndrome’. You’ll want so badly for your new enterprise to be a quick success that you will go off in many different directions, looking for tools, resources, and mentors to help you get there.

Soon you will find out that there is no shortage of folks (well-intentioned or not) that will take your money and leave you scratching your head. You will have spent a fortune on software, tools and gadgets, and training only to find that you have completely lost focus on who is your singular ideal client and what singular solution you provide to help them.

The goal is to remain laser-focused on your mission. All of your preparation should point directly back to that one ideal client.

Take the time to learn and become proficient with one resource (tool) at a time. Do not waste time bouncing from mentor to mentor, especially those that prompt you to upgrade your purchase over and over again before you have had the chance to practice at the base-level purchase to even see if the shiny object works for your solution."

Advice Contributor

Michael McCabe

Michael McCabe is the owner and executive producer at Hilltop Video Services (HVS), which helps small businesses learn how to create effective social media video animations.

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