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New access duration feature: set time limits on product access

Podia access duration on products setting

Set time limits on access to products in Podia to create cohorts, leverage trial periods, increase engagement, and more.

Setting time limits for customers to access products can be a great tool in your creator toolbox.

Time constraints help motivate customers to take action on their purchase, like completing a course. They also give you more control over the customer experience to do things like offer a limited-time trial for a product or set up cohort programs.

With Podia's access duration feature , you can now decide how long customers have access to specific products (excluding community plans and bundles).

Here are a few ideas for what you can do with this new feature:

  • limit access to your course for 90 days (as well as set a specific start date ) to create quarterly or "semester" cohorts

  • create a 7-day trial offer for a course

  • motivate customers to save a digital download within 5 days of purchase

  • sell limited-time webinar or workshop replays

  • offer different pricing for limited versus lifetime access to a product.

access duration on Podia product

Example: This creator offers free 30-day access to a digital download as a holiday gift to customers

Setting an access duration limit also enables multiple purchases of the same product. Now it's easy for your customers to repurchase a course (student progress will be saved) or book repeat coaching sessions .

How does product access duration work?

You can set up access duration limits by going to the Availability tab of your product, clicking Edit on Duration, then entering the number of days you want customers to have access to your product.

Customers will have access to the product for the specified number of days, and then their access or enrollment will expire. They'll receive an email 7 days before the expiration date as a heads up.

If you choose to display Duration on your Podia site pages, customers will see how many days they'll have access (you'll find this setting in the Banner , Featured , or Products page sections of the Podia site editor).

access duration display on Podia site

Head to the Podia Demo site to see this example product page displaying an access duration limit.

Access duration limits are available on Podia's Shaker and Earthquaker plans , and you can upgrade your plan today if you want to start setting time limits on your products.

Check out this help doc for more details and step-by-step instructions.

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