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More control over Community notifications — for you and your members

We've updated community notification settings to create a better member experience (and fewer emails). Here's what's new.

What's the right way to notify members about what's happening in your community?

You want to let your members know about exciting conversations and engage them in more discussions -- but you also need to give them control over their experience and avoid notification overload. And we heard from our creators how important it is to strike this careful balance.

With the latest update to the Podia community feature, you and your members get more control over notifications. That means livelier discussions, no more flooded inboxes, and a community platform that brings you and your audience closer together.

Control your own notification settings as a creator or member

Creators and community members can now choose which notifications they want to receive for each topic: New posts, new replies to your posts, and/or new replies to your comments.

When you log into a community as a member, go to Settings, then click on “Edit” next to Notifications. (Creators can find this in the Notifications tab of your Account settings.)

You'll see all of the community topics you follow. Simply check or uncheck the boxes to control what types of notifications you would like to receive for each topic.

For example, you might want to receive notifications for posts, comments, and replies in a time-sensitive topic like Live Events or Announcements. For other topics, you may want to only get updates when someone makes a new post – or opt out of notifications for that topic entirely.

You can also quickly toggle your notifications on and off by clicking "Mute all" or "Unmute all". 

In addition, you can change your per-topic notification settings easily from the "All topics"page or an individual topic page. Click the bell icon, then set your notification preferences.

Check out this help doc for a step-by-step tutorial on how to change your notification settings – and feel free to share with your members, too! 

Set default notifications for a topic 

Creators can also set default notification settings for each topic in your community, giving you more control over the member experience.

Instead of sending notification emails to your members for every post in every topic, you can choose which topics your members get notified about and which types of notifications they receive.

Here's how:

From the Community tab on your Podia dashboard, click on "All topics". Then, click the "..." next to the topic you'd like to edit and select "Edit topic". From there, choose your notification settings under "Default notifications".

Members can change these notification settings at any time for their accounts. If members haven't changed their settings, they will default to the ones set by the creator for each topic.

For a full tutorial on managing default notifications for each topic, check out this help doc .

We hope these community updates create a better experience for you and your members. Thanks for reading!

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