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72 real-life digital product examples and ideas to inspire you

Whether you're building an online course, community, or download, get inspired by these 72 real-life online products from creators earning a living from their passion.

Need some proof that your idea can become a successful online product?

If you used our guide to  creating an online course , it might surprise you how many ideas you can actually come up with.

But… are your ideas viable? Have other people created products on similar topics and been successful?

As we believe you’ll see from this list of creators on Podia selling online courses , communities , and digital downloadsany expertise can be turned into an online product.

From hobbies to professional skills you use in your job, every example below has been purchased, subscribed to, or downloaded at least dozens of times.

Some of them have been purchased, subscribed to, or downloaded many thousands of times.

They range from niche offerings to leaders in highly competitive subject areas for online courses and other digital products.

Nearly all of the most common creator monetization options are represented below.

If these creators can do it, why not you?

Table of contents

In this article, you’ll find examples of online products across several different categories:

Business ideas

Do you run a business? Creating a product based on your knowledge can enable others learn from your experience.

Design, programming, and art

Creative hobbyists and professionals working in design, art, and programming continually looking for ways to develop their skills.

Home, health, & faith

From gardening to home organization, many creators have found success by teaching on topics completely unrelated to business.


Business owners and marketing professionals are constantly looking to acquire new customers and clients for their business.

Personal development

Everyone wants to improve. That’s why there are countless opportunities to create products based on personal development. 

Business product examples

Our first group of examples comes from the world of business.

These are people who have expertise in founding, growing, or operating a company. Each found a unique way to turn their expertise into an online product.

1. Topic idea: Foundations

Real-life example: The Basics of Building a Business

2. Topic idea: Audio business

Real-life example: Audio for Profit — Core Content

3. Topic idea: Building an MVP

Real-life example: No-Code MVP

4. Topic idea: Blogging

Real-life example: Blog Biz School

5. Topic idea: Business purpose

Real-life example: Finding Purpose

6. Topic idea: Course creation

Real-life example: Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course

7. Topic idea: Design thinking

Real-life example: Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time

8. Topic idea: Evernote

Real-life example: Getting Started on Evernote

9. Topic idea: Freelancing

Real-life example: The Freelance Foundation

Real-life example: Building & Managing A Business: A Legal Perspective

11. Topic idea: Masterminds 

Real-life example: Do I Need a Mastermind?

12. Topic idea: Podcasting

Real-life example: Irresistible Podcasting

13. Topic idea: Product creation

Real-life example: The Tiny Product Manual

14. Topic idea: Project licensing starter kit

Real-life example: Licensing Starter Kit

15. Topic idea: Proposals

Real-life example: 7 Fatal Proposal Mistakes Costing You Sales

16. Topic idea: Pinterest for business

Real-life example: Pinterest

17. Topic idea: Solopreneurship

Real-life example: Solopreneur Business Tracker

18. Topic idea: Startup ideas

Real-life example: Idea to Launch

19. Topic Idea: Systems

Real-life example: The Passive Income Success System

20. Topic idea: Video selling

Real-life example: Video Selling Formula

21. Topic idea: WordPress development

Real-life example: How to make a living as a WordPress Developer

22. Topic idea: Writing

Real-life example: Author Success Blueprint

Design, programming, and art product examples

The product examples in this section include artists, animators, and programmers.

Each has taken their skill and turned it into a product to help others.

There’s even a course on emojis 😉

23. Topic idea: Designer training

Real-life example: Become a UI/UX Designer

24. Topic idea: Action scene animation

Real-life example: Action Scene Animation MADE EASY

25. Topic idea: Adobe Illustrator

Real-life example: Adobe Illustrator Essentials

26. Topic idea: Character design for children’s books

Real-life example: Character Design and Story Development for Children's Books

27. Topic Idea: Construct 2

Real-life example: Construct 2 - From Beginner to Advanced

28. Topic idea: Data analysis

Real-life example: Data Analysis the Lazy Way

29. Topic Idea: Data Strategy

Real-life example: Data Strategy for Entrepreneurs

30. Topic idea: Drawing for animation

Real-life example: Handy Drawing Tool Guide (Beginner)

31. Topic idea: Painting guides

Real-life example: Painters Guide To Design & Composition

32. Topic idea: Emoji

Real-life example: Chicomojis for Slack

33. Topic idea: Instructional design

Real-life example: Go Design Something: Building Your Job-Winning Portfolio

34. Topic idea: Machine learning

Real-life example: Machine Learning Flashcards

35. Topic idea: Payments

Real-life example: Payments with Stripe and Rails Master Class

36. Topic idea: Programming logic

Real-life example: Programming Logic MADE EASY with Construct 2!

37. Topic idea: Python

Real-life example: Python Tricks Toolkit

38. Topic idea: User experience design

Real-life example: Design for Developers

39. Topic idea: Website design

Real-life example: Getting Started with Blocs

40. Topic idea: Website personalization

Real-life example: The Personalization Masterclass

41. Topic idea: Wireframing

Real-life example: Blocks Wireframing Kit for Sketch

Home, health, and faith product examples

Not all products are related to business or a profession. 

From wellness to home organization, many creators have found success with products that help people live a better life.

42. Topic idea: Family bible study

Real-life example: The Godly Family Ebook Bundle

43. Topic idea: Telehealth

Real-life examples: Telehealth Treasure Chest

44. Topic idea: Choir Directing

Real-life example: Directing a Church Children's Choir 101 (Premium)

45. Topic idea: Daily bible study journal

Real-life example: 6-Month Bible Study Journal

Marketing product examples

Marketing is how businesses create awareness and interest, then convert that interest into paying customers and clients.

It’s one of the biggest challenges for businesses of all kinds, which is why business and marketing professionals are always looking for new marketing techniques.

46. Topic idea: Branding

Real-life example: Brand Your Business One Story At a Time

47. Topic idea: Building a following

Real-life example: Cracking the Instagram Algorithm

48. Topic idea: Directory marketing

Real-life example: LAUNCHiT! for Directory Marketers, Growth Gurus, Brand Builders and Online Agencies

49. Topic idea: Facebook advertising

Real-life example: The Science of Facebook Ads

50. Topic idea: Marketing for product people

Real-life example: Marketing for Product People

51. Topic idea: Marketing plans

Real-life example: Sanity Systems: How To Create Your 2018 Marketing Plan

52. Topic idea: Online branding

Real-life example: Branding Guide for Beginners

53. Topic idea: Personal branding

Real-life example: Personal Branding 101: How to Get Unstuck

Personal development product examples

Finally, in our personal development examples, you’ll see products on relationships, personal finances, motivation and many more.

Broadly defined as“self-help,”this category has endless opportunities for online products.

54. Topic idea: ADHD

Real-life example: The One Page Daily Planner

55. Topic idea: Acting

Real-life example: True Acting

56. Topic idea: Clean living

Real-life example: The 30 Day Reset eBook

57. Topic idea: Communication

Real-life example: My Communication Goals

58. Topic idea: Conversation

Real-life example: Conversation Superstar: The Fast Lane to Conversation Success

59. Topic idea: Dating

Real-life example: Find love now

60. Topic idea: Decluttering

Real-life example: The Swap

61. Topic Idea: Divorce

Real-life example: How to Prepare for Divorce

62. Topic idea: Frugal living

Real-life example: Ebook: Frugal Tips & Recipes for the Wise Homemaker

63. Topic idea: Language

Real-life example: Sound More Natural in Just Five Days

64. Topic idea: Life planning

Real-life example: Free Life Planning Resources

65. Topic idea: Wild food foraging

Real-life example: Seaweed Notebook

66. Topic idea: Minimalism

Real-life example: The Minimalism Challenge

67. Topic idea: Motivation

Real-life example: The Big Shift

68. Topic idea: Relationships

Real-life example: Great Marriages Start Here

69. Topic idea: Remote employment

Real-life example: Remotive Bootcamp

70. Topic idea: Sketchnote

Real-life example: Sketchnote Starter Course

71. Topic idea: Style

Real-life example: Streamline Your Style e-Course

72. Topic idea: Whole foods

Real-life example: Going Whole

With so many examples, there's only one thing missing from this list: you.


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