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How to make an irresistible link in bio page with Podia

Don’t limit your business to just one link in your social media bio. Create a free, customizable link in bio page with Podia to promote your top content and products.

Social media is a powerful tool for growing your online business, but some platforms only allow you to display one link in your profile. For multi-faceted creators with lots of products, content, and exciting ideas to share, this is a problem.

Enter link in bio pages. A link in bio page is a landing page with buttons linking to all of your important content, like a directory. Instead of having to pick just one URL to share with your followers, you can provide a whole page of links, images, embeds, text, and call-to-action banners showcasing your work.

There are dozens of tools you can use to build your link in bio page, but many come with downsides.

Some platforms:

  • Have limited design options, so your page might not match your brand. You don’t run a cookie-cutter business, so why should you settle for a cookie-cutter link in bio page?

  • Make you upgrade to access detailed analytics and integrations, keeping you in the dark about your own audience.

  • Lack email marketing functionality, making it difficult to grow your list directly from your bio link.

  • Charge an arm and a leg for ecommerce features, meaning more clicks before your customers can make a purchase.

Building your link in bio page directly on your own website is an excellent alternative. You’ll have more creative control, greater access to analytics, and flexibility with fonts, colors, and layouts. Plus, you’ll send followers directly into a space that you own (as opposed to a third-party app), where they can quickly learn more about you, sign up for your email list, and explore and purchase your products.

But wait, I don’t have a website!

No problem. Podia is an all-in-one platform where you can sell digital products , host your online community , manage your email marketing , and build a complete website. You can set up unlimited pages, including a link in bio page, and manage your online business from one place.

Here’s how to make a practical and beautiful link in bio page for free with Podia .

It’s easy to make a link in bio page for Instagram, TikTok, or another social media platform using Podia. Create a free account or sign in and click “Edit site” in the main dashboard. This will take you to Podia’s point-and-click website builder .

Add a new page and use the “Links” or “Grid” section to start adding your most important links.

For more detailed steps on how to build a link in bio page with Podia, check out this help doc and Ben’s tutorial video below.

Now that you’ve got the basics, here are some ways to make your link in bio page stand out from the crowd.

Your link in bio page is valuable real estate for your business, especially if you have an engaged social media following. It might be the first contact a fan has with your work beyond your social posts, so here are some landing page elements to include for maximum impact.

While we’re showcasing what you can do with Podia’s site builder, you can use these ideas to improve any link in bio page you’re working with!

Introduce yourself in an About section

Put your best foot forward with a quick introduction to the person or business behind all those links! Podia has a reusable “Bio” section that you can fill in with some text about yourself, social links, and a profile image. You can insert this section into any page on your site, including your new link in bio page.

Collect signups for your email list

Another way to solidify your relationship with your audience is to encourage followers to join your email list. All Podia plans include email marketing, and you can add an email opt-in form on your link in bio page to build your list  — no additional tools required. If you’re already using a different email marketing service, we also have integrations with many popular platforms .

Showcase your products

If you sell digital downloads , coaching , webinars , online courses , membership communities , or other digital items, you can add them directly to your link in bio page. This is a great way to call attention to your most popular or timely products without making followers click through a million pages.

(You can sell a digital download, coaching, and community access through your link in bio page on Podia’s free plan .)

Build trust with testimonials

Reviews of your products and services can go a long way to build trust with people who are less familiar with what you have to offer. Podia has a special website section for creating testimonials that includes a picture and title for each reviewer. You can add as many testimonials as you want and customize the style.

Need help with testimonials? This blog post explains how to ask for testimonials from previous clients , and this article discusses three different ways to display them on your website .

Clear any doubts with a FAQ section

If you often receive questions about your work, create an expandable frequently asked questions accordion right on your link in bio page. You can help people understand your business more quickly — and less time answering questions means more time creating!

Introduce your community plans

Do you offer an online community for your followers ? A community is an excellent way to communicate with your audience directly and a perfect next step for your social media fans. (With Podia, you can promote free or paid community tiers , and fans can sign up directly via your link in bio page.)

Your link in bio should feel like a natural extension of your brand , and customizing your fonts and colors gives everything a cohesive look.

With Podia, you’re able to choose different fonts for your heading and body text, as well as adjust the typeface, weight, spacing, and height. While there are lots of fun fonts to choose from, it’s important to pick ones that are easy to read on mobile.

Within each section on the page, you can customize your background, brand, heading, text, and button colors. Don’t be afraid of using color, but too many bright colors stacked on top of each other can be challenging to read.

Mix and match the sections above to create the perfect link in bio page. Here’s how yours could look using all these elements together.

When building your link in bio page, there are a couple design tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember, almost everyone who lands on this page will be viewing it on a mobile device. Make sure your information is readable, especially on smaller screens.

  • It’s helpful to alternate or vary the background colors and design for each section so that people can comfortably navigate, skim, and consume the page without getting lost.

  • Choose the number of links and sections you share with intention. When faced with too many options, viewers can lose interest quickly or get overloaded with choice paralysis.

For example, here’s how we laid out Podia’s Instagram link in bio page:

  1. Quick introduction of Podia

  2. A series of links to important content and calls to action

  3. An About section sharing where else to find us on social media

  4. A call-to-action section pointing to our main site

  5. An email capture form

All the sections have different colors to help them stand out and adding link descriptions makes it easy for new visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

While Podia creator Adrian Dalsus created his link in bio page on Podia in just five minutes, he chose a very deliberate design and sequence. Here’s how he organized his page:

  • A Bio section with a profile picture and information about Adrian

  • A focused text block that explains how his business helps people

  • Four most important links

  • An invitation to join his newsletter

  • A call-to-action to learn about one of his most popular courses

Here are a few more ways to style your Podia link in bio page using the website editor. You have full control over your fonts, colors, and page layout, so you can make endless designs with just a few clicks.

When designing your link in bio page, consider adding more than just links to make your brand shine. You don’t need to go overboard, but strategically sending followers to your most important pages and products helps them find the resources they need. This can lead to more sales and happy customers, a win-win for everyone involved.

Now all you need to do is share your link page in your social media bio, and you’ll be on your way.

Create your full website, including your link in bio page, with Podia. You can also build your email list, run a community, sell a digital download, and offer coaching services all on the free plan.

What are you waiting for? Start building your link in bio page — and your whole creator business — with Podia today.


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