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We’ve improved Community search and reporting features

We’re recapping two important improvements we’ve made to every Community built on Podia: search through your content and members, plus a quick guide to how reporting inappropriate content works.

Search and view your community posts, topics, and members Want to search through who’s in your community and what’s been posted? Easy! Head to the  Community  feature in your Podia account and check out the Members and Search tabs. We’ve improved these pages to make them easier to use.

  • All-new Search page: you and your members can search through all your community post content to find what’s most relevant (available on Shaker and Earthquaker plans)

  • Filtering upgraded: easily search through members by community roles, recently joined, subscription types, and more.

Step-by-step? Ab-so-lutely.  Here’s a guide to searching posts, topics, and members in your community . How your community members can report inappropriate content

A screenshot of the Podia community reporting feature

For this example, the only thing I’d report about Podia CEO & founder Spencer’s post is that I’m envious of not having tried his soup. But when there’s something serious your members want to report it’s as easy as two steps.

  1. Members can click the ‘...’ button on any post or comment in your community, which gives them the option to–

  2. ‘Report post' / 'Report comment’. You as the Creator running your community will get an email alert and be asked to review the post or comment. You’ll have the option to edit/modify/remove the content.

With this reporting tool we want to make it simple for you and your members to keep your communities positive, respectful, and safe. If you need help with community reporting, head over to our help doc on  how to report inappropriate community posts . That’ll do it for this update. We’re really happy to be improving on essential community management tools. Thanks for reading! 

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About the author

Alex is a product marketer at Podia, the all-in-one tool for Creators to build community, sell digital products, and make a living from their passion. If he’s not poring over or writing a story for a product announcement, he’s likely stuck into a book and thinking about the story in there.