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The Podia course viewer just got an upgrade!

Screenshot of the Podia course viewer updates

Your courses have a new look that makes them feel more like you.

The Podia course viewer has been updated!

After listening to your feedback on the design of Podia courses, we decided to make a few upgrades.

If you  peek at your account , you’ll notice that your courses have a new look that makes them feel more like you — including a cleaner design, your website’s full header, and improved navigation through course lessons and section overviews.

We also added a few other highly requested features:

  • Full screen mode, so customers can learn without distractions

  • The ability to check off a lesson as complete (or un-check a lesson)

  • A progress display that shows customers how far they’ve made it in a course

  • Rich-text comments on course lessons, to allow text formatting and comments with images/videos

Here’s an example of the new course viewer from Podia creator Andrew Lane,  who shared his excitement for the update on Twitter :

Image of the newly updated Podia course viewer

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