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Capture email signups on your site: here’s what we’ve added to the Newsletter section

Screenshot of the newsletter section updates on Podia

We’ve updated the Newsletter section to help you capture leads on your Podia site. Here’s what’s new.

The Newsletter section can be added to your Podia site any time via the site editor. It’s a clean, simple way of capturing signups for your email list, and we’ve made a few improvements that let you customize it. Here’s what’s new:

  • Add an image to style your newsletter signup block however you want

  • Add a name field for your subscribers to fill in

  • Add custom text that will show underneath where your subscribers add their details

  • Add a custom success message to thank subscribers for signing up

  • Style and customize the section layout like you’re used to doing for every other site section

Want to take a look? Jump straight into your site editor , or use our step-by-step guide to adding the newsletter section to your site .

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Alex is a product marketer at Podia, the all-in-one tool for Creators to build community, sell digital products, and make a living from their passion. If he’s not poring over or writing a story for a product announcement, he’s likely stuck into a book and thinking about the story in there.