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Set sign-up limits on courses, coaching, webinar seats, and product purchases

With sign-up limits in Podia, your products can now sell out! Motivate buyers and manage your workload by capping student enrollment, webinar attendance, and more.

Limiting how many people can buy a certain product helps motivate purchases and manage your workload.

Maybe you're running an online course or webinar that involves personalized attention and feedback. Maybe you'd like to cap the number of slots available for 1:1 coaching. Or maybe you're a solopreneur who needs to lighten your administrative workload behind the scenes.

Offering only a set number of seats or purchases also gives you the ability to dial up the FOMO and create a sense of urgency, prompting folks to click 'Buy'.

Now you can set a limit on how many customers can purchase a product in Podia! 

This applies to online courses, digital downloads, webinars, bundles, and coaching sessions. Sign-up limits are not available for community subscription plans. If you're on a Shaker or Earthquaker plan , you have access to this new feature.

You'll find the sign-up limit setting in a product's "Availability" tab (head to Products > Edit > Availability). 

If you choose to display "Product availability" details in a Product Banner , Featured section , or Products page section , your customers will see how many seats or "stock" remain for a product.

When the limit is hit, the product or offer will look sold out — with a disabled "Buy" button and a "0 left" by the product name.

How do indirect product purchases work with sign-up limits? 

Sign-ups made through bundles, plans, Zapier integrations, and manual enrollments will automatically count towards the total remaining stock.

Once the sign-up limit is hit, any additional purchases through these indirect methods will continue to go through. This way, you can still enroll someone manually or include a product as part of a bundle or plan without disruption.

Find more information on how product sign-up limits work — and what your customers see — in our help doc . If you have any questions, reach out to our support team .

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