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New design options for images and videos in the website builder

Enhance your website design with new formatting options for images and videos in Podia's website builder. Customize aspect ratio, corner roundedness, and width for a full range of styles.

Podia's website builder has new design options for images and videos!

Customize the look of your site with new settings for:

  • aspect ratio (images)

  • corner styles (images and videos)

  • width (image and videos)

These settings will apply to all images in a particular section — great for getting a consistent look. Image options are available on any website section that can have images, and video options are available on any section where you can upload a custom video.

This also means you have more control over the look of your website logo! We changed the logo size constraints (now, 50% of the header width, instead of a 50px height) to give you more real estate and flexibility to showcase your brand.

previous height constraints for logo image versus new design flexibility

Read on for more details about each setting.

3 new design settings for website media

1. Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of an image determines its proportions, or the relationship of width versus height. 

Choose between five different aspect ratio options for your images:

  • natural (reflecting your original file)

  • square (1:1)

  • landscape (4:3)

  • wide (16:9)

  • portrait (3:4)

2. Corners

You can adjust the roundedness of the corners on an image or video with six different options, ranging from a straight 90-degree angle to a fully-rounded angle, as well as an arch shape.

Combining different Corners and Aspect ratio settings will provide many options. For instance, you can combine a 1:1 aspect ratio with the round option to create an image in a perfect circle.

3. Image and video width

Adjust the width of your images and videos to what looks best, given your Content Layout and Appearance settings. For left- or right-aligned media, you can set the width up to 60% of the page section.

A few notes before we go….

Some of the new image and video design options won't be available for certain stylized layouts in the Bio section .

We've also added a new Header design layout. If you'd like a minimal look, choose the "Mobile" layout option to always condense all your links into a hamburger menu .


These new design options, in addition to the website builder's layout and appearance settings, provide so many potential customizations for your website design. We hope you have fun exploring new looks and creating a website that truly feels like yours.

Ready to get designing? Jump into your website builder or see more details in our help doc . If you have any questions,  reach out to our support team .

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