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Podia Blogging Examples

This is what your blog could look like on Podia

Here’s how real creators like you use Podia to share beautiful blog posts in the same place they do everything else.

Simple, great looking blogs

Daniele from Swiss Innovation Academy stays focused on the essentials with Podia blogging.

“The Podia blogging tool is super simple, yet you can create a really great looking and personalized design that fits your brand. And cherry on the cake, you have everything in one place, your store, your blog, your website, and even your CRM.”

“The Podia blog tool is so much simpler than other tools.”

“Podia gets me excited to create more content.”

Fast setup and fun to use

Natalie Wynn blogs on Podia to drive traffic to her email list.

"Podia helps me organize my content marketing strategy and send more traffic to my website where I can give value and grow my list. I want people to get used to going to my site and getting value, so sharing free content on my blog is the perfect way to do that.

I’m also developing my YouTube channel and podcast. I can now use my Podia blog to organize all the content in one place to make it easier for my audience to find."

Your Podia blog is already connected to your website, email list, products, customers, and everything else

No plugins. No headaches.

Bex Irvine uses Podia for blogging, email, and products — it's a complete system for growing her business online.

Podia is fun and easy to use. It gives me a hub to put all my content and also makes it easier to send weekly email newsletters to my email list by sending them to a value-packed blog article that also reminds them of my paid offerings.”

“I just pop in my text and videos and publish.”

“Super easy to use and SEO-able”

Build your blog for free

Roxy Wieschollek's Podia blog generates more sales for her mountain biking courses.

“It’s amazing that the blogging feature is free in my Podia plan - I love it! It brought people to the blog who then bought my courses.”


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