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Case studies

Read our best articles about case studies.

  1. I Made It: How Joy Cho dreamed up and launched her online course

    Get Joy Cho’s advice on growing your brand, soliciting feedback from your audience, and managing the creative process as a maker or entrepreneur.

    Case studies
  2. How Ryan Kulp made $20,000 in online course sales in 2 weeks

    Ryan Kulp presold $10,000 in online courses within 24 hours of launching. He made $10,000 more within two weeks. Here’s how he did it on Podia.

    Case studies
  3. How Rachel Simmons scaled her offline mission with an online course

    Read how author and educator, Rachel Simmons, transitioned her offline business into an impactful online course to scale her mission and profits.

    Case studies
  4. How Reuven Lerner turned offline education into online courses

    Reuven transformed his training business into an online course paradise for programmers. Check out his amazing story and advice for new course creators.

    Case studies
  5. How Justin Jackson made over $100,000 on Podia

    Justin hoped that Podia could help him turn his blog into a business. More than $100,000 in revenue later, here's a look at how he succeeded.

    Case studies
  6. How Jamie Keddie rewrote his story with a membership site

    Jamie Keddie turned his expertise into a dependable monthly income with a Podia membership. Read Jamie's amazing story and learn how you can launch your online business today.

    Case studies
  7. How Becky Mollenkamp saves $1200 a year with Podia

    Becky Mollenkamp switched to Podia from another online course platform and saved more than $1,200/year! See why Becky switched and why you should, too.

    Case studies
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