The 45 top stats for creators and small businesses in 2019

The numbers don’t lie. Here are 45 of the most important statistics for creators to know about entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.

What’s a solopreneur and how are they different from an entrepreneur?

Starting a business all by yourself? Learn how to optimize your business, be successful on your own, and become a one-person powerhouse.

4 email marketing tools to level up your sales

When you’re ready to take email marketing to the next level, you’re going to need the right tools to do it. Here are four Podia-ready email platforms reviewed.

Why choose Podia?

You have choices when it comes to selling your online courses, digital downloads, and memberships. Here are five reasons why Podia is the best one for you.

Tips for actually being productive when you work from home

Productivity is a struggle for people who work from home, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Use these data-backed tips to hone your focus and stay on task.

How to procrastinate less and get more done

Procrastination is a bad thing, right? Not quite. Discover the research behind procrastination and why the key to managing it may be to stop fighting it.

Digital vs. Physical products: Which should you sell online?

Learn about digital products, the pros and cons of digital over physical goods, the most profitable types of products to create, and where you can sell them.

Feel like a fraud? Here’s how to overcome your impostor syndrome today.

Wondering how to deal with impostor syndrome? Start with understanding it. Learn more about impostor syndrome and how to overcome it today.

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