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Marketing & Sales

Read our best articles about marketing & sales.

  1. The 8 sales email templates you need for a thriving campaign

    For anyone who’s selling online digital products, these 8 sales email templates are the only scripts you need for creating a profitable email campaign.

    Marketing & Sales
  2. 10 email and live chat templates for selling wellness products

    Struggling with messaging? Then get these 10 email and live chat templates for health and wellness professionals to boost your sales and engagement.

    Marketing & Sales
  3. 9 product launch email templates to lift your sales and entice subscribers

    If you’re introducing a new product to your email list, get these nine product launch email templates. They’re easy to use and will boost your bottom line.

    Marketing & Sales
  4. The 10 video marketing statistics to know as a creator [Infographic]

    Before you commit to creating video content, get this infographic on the top 10 video marketing statistics you need to know for your small business.

    Marketing & Sales
  5. The 11 top webinar platforms for creators and small businesses

    Hunting for a new webinar platform? Look no further than this guide for detailed reviews of the top webinar platforms for creators and small businesses.

    Marketing & Sales
  6. How to land your first 100 customers [Infographic + tutorial]

    Check out this guide for 3 simple, free, and actionable marketing strategies to land your first 100 customers, and earn a living from your passion.

    Marketing & Sales
  7. How to monetize an email list without Facebook

    You don’t need Facebook ads to earn more from your email list. Don’t miss these 5 beginner-friendly email monetization tactics -- check out the guide today.

    Marketing & Sales
  8. Why you should offer a free email course + tips and tools

    Offering free email courses can help you generate leads, sales, and more confidence in yourself as a creator. Get the scoop in this guide.

    Marketing & Sales
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