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Read our best articles about memberships.

  1. Share content and connect with your customers with a membership site

    Connect with customers through your membership site. Here's how to create membership posts, get feedback, and build a community around your content.

  2. How to run and promote a 2-week membership challenge

    If you want to grow your membership, get our 5-step guide on how to create, run, and promote a 2-week membership challenge. You can excite your audience today.

  3. Launch a membership site in 30 days

    For creators who want to launch a membership site, get this guide on how to do it in 30 days. We show you, week by week, how to go from membership idea to launch.

  4. 6 easy steps to monetize your Facebook Group

    Creating your own membership site is a savvy and profitable way to monetize a free Facebook group. Find out how in this guide.

  5. What is customer churn and why should you care about it?

    Are customers churning, or leaving, your business each month? Follow these four steps to reduce your churn rate and retain more customers.

  6. The 6 best membership site management options for creators

    If you’re looking to streamline your membership management, get this guide on finding the right membership site management program for your business.

  7. 4 best practices and strategies for free membership trials

    If you want to grow your membership site, get these four best practices for membership trials. They’ll help you leverage trial periods to quickly boost your growth.

  8. Free membership trials: The what, why, and how [Tutorial + Tips]

    Membership free trials can boost membership sales when offered strategically. Read up on the pros, cons, why, and how of offering a free membership trial.

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