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Forget Facebook Groups. Ditch Patreon. Build your community on a platform you own.

Don’t fight with the algorithm or get stuck with a platform that doesn’t let you make what you want. Podia lets you build free and paid communities for your audience, so that you can spark conversation around your work as a creator.

How would your Podia community work?

You decide how you want to run your community. Set up forum-like topics for your members to discuss, give access to products, or use your community as a private feed.

You choose the topics (for yourself and your members)

Set up topics to keep discussion organized. You can set topics as defaults, let your members follow what they like, or make it so only you can post.

Have amazing, multimedia conversations

Topics, posts, comments, and the home feed make it easy to have real conversations in your communities. You and your members can post text, images, videos, and over 1,900 types of embeddable content.

Give members access to your products

Your members can access your products from within your community — so you can keep everything in one place. Automatically enroll members in products and start real conversations around your work.


Get your community for free

What attracted me to Podia as a content creator was the ability to build and foster a community while developing all my content in one place. I don’t know any other platform that does these two things so well.

— Tayo Rockson, author, consultant, professor, speaker

Free or paid, widespread or tight-knit, you decide the type of community you want to build

You can make a group for your customers to talk. Or have a feed where you share updates. Or make your community open to all. Your community is built on your Podia site. It’s yours.

Free community

Make a free group that’s open to all

Manage a free community about anything you like. You can make registration open to everyone, set posts public, and replace algorithm-driven platforms that make it hard to have genuine conversations.


Post to a membership feed for your paying supporters

Get paid directly by your supporters. Set your community so that it’s a place for you to share updates and rewards for fans who want to support your work directly.

Paid community

Add community to your online courses

Make your products the topic of discussion. Bundling courses and products with your community means that your members can talk about lessons, share their work, and get even more out of their purchase.


Create private groups and masterminds

Keep things tight-knit with a paid community. Make your community paid or invite only to keep the quality of conversations high.

Frequently asked questions

Don’t see your question here? Chat with us!

  • Your members can log in directly through your Podia site (on desktop, tablet, or mobile). Members who buy your products on Podia will log in with the same information they use to access those products.

  • You can offer as many different community plans as you like! Some creators use plans as tiers to give access to different discussion topics and rewards.

  • You can have a paid community, a free community, or both at the same time. Because you can set a different price for each plan you make, you can easily set up a community to have both a free plan and paid plans.

  • You can include product rewards (like one-on-one sessions, webinars, courses, or downloads) with community plans. Everyone on a community plan that has access to rewards will be able to get those rewards when they log in to your community.

  • Yes! If you want to use your community as more of a paid membership feed, you can easily set topics so that only you can post.

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