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September 24-26

Podia Create 2020

Three days of expert-led workshops, honest conversations, and empowerment you need to grow a business that thrives, without the no-days-off hustle.

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What you’ll get when you attend Podia Create:

Expert-led workshops on all things entrepreneurship, from building a no-code business to boosting your bottom line with digital products

Real-talk from creators who have been in your shoes and want to share their real stories -- not just the highlights

A Create-a-thon to put those insights into action and build a product in just one day, hosted by Doc Williams (Build With Me) and Matt Ragland, Podia's Director of Creator Success

It's 100% free.

About Podia Create

What’s stopping you from creating the online business of your dreams, building a loyal audience, and profiting from your passions?

There's never been more advice or resources on how to start a business. (Or gurus ready to sell both to you for six easy payments of $99.99.)

But that’s the thing about success: doing homework isn’t enough. Blog posts, podcasts, tweetstorms, and cheat sheets can get you started, but they aren’t magic ingredients that turn your ideas into profits.

To build products that sell, you need the voice of experience.

You need someone who’s been there, done that. Someone who's figured out how to get from idea to profitability. Someone who knows that you can do it -- because they did it, too.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at Podia Create 2020.

In fact, let’s get this out of the way: there is no “magic” ingredient.

There’s no marketing guru growth hack that makes the difference between a product launch that tops the charts and one that never sees the light of day.

There’s no universal formula for overnight success, either.

It isn’t about luck or virality.

It’s about two things: consistency and creativity.

But we’re not the people to tell you that.

They are:

Podia Create 2020 speakers

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi

How shifting your mindset can help you reach your business goals

CEO, New York Times bestselling author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, and creator behind Earnable, Ramit will kick-off the summit by sharing how creators can make the mindset shift to finally achieve their business goals, plus answer their burning questions in a live Q&A.

September 24th, 4:00pm ET

Shalena D.I.V.A

Shalena D.I.V.A

How to profit with a coaching and product business

Shalena is an expert at helping people turn their personal knowledge into a thriving coaching business. You'll learn how to monetize the expertise you already have to start booking clients right away, then turn those coaching sessions and strategies into digital products.

September 25th, 10:00am ET

Austin L. Church

Austin L. Church

Building a brand that communicates and resonates

Brand strategist and freelancer coach Austin L. Church will show you how to create an authentic brand that people care about. You'll learn how to simplify your messaging and marketing to make heart-level connections with an audience that will love you.

September 25th, 11:00am ET

Paul Jarvis & Kaleigh Moore

Paul Jarvis &Kaleigh Moore

What creators aren't talking about (enough)

Veteran entrepreneurs and hosts of the Creative Class podcast, Kaleigh and Paul have spent hours discussing (and living) the ups and downs of creative life. In this special live edition of their podcast, they'll tackle the tough creator questions that don't get talked about enough.

September 25th, 12:00pm ET

Emily Mills

Emily Mills

How to sell services and products that boost your bottom line

Emily balances her popular illustrator services with a growing online course business teaching people her unique brand of visual note-taking and "sketchnotes". She'll show you how to start selling your services and build a course that sells while you sleep.

September 25th, 2:00pm ET

Matt Ragland

Matt Ragland

Your first funnel: How to create automatic sales from day one

Sales funnels have a bad reputation of being spammy, or only for creators already making $100k. But what if a funnel could automatically sell your products and build trust with your audience? Matt will show you how to create a day-one funnel that does exactly that.

September 25th, 3:00pm ET

John D. Saunders

John D. Saunders

$10k in a day: How to pre-sell your course and create digital products folks really want

Believe it or not, a $10,000 day is a realistic goal for any creator. John will show you the strategy he uses to create simple pitches and follow-up campaigns that get his fans excited to purchase a course before it’s even created.

September 25th, 4:00pm ET

Julie Nolke

Julie Nolke

Before and after going viral: My 10,000 hours to an overnight success

In April, Julie released Explaining the Pandemic to my past self on her YouTube channel and it went viral. Over 14 million views and 500,000 subscribers later, Julie will share her creative journey and explain how to stay consistent and creative until your "big break".

September 25th, 5:00pm ET

Doc Williams

Doc Williams

How to build a no-code business in 2020

If you've ever hesitated to start a business because you "don't know how to code", Doc is here to help. Since starting Build with Me, Doc has shown thousands of entrepreneurs how to promote and sell their products without a single line of code -- and he'll show you the same.

September 26th, 10:00am-4:00pm ET, Create-a-thon with Matt Ragland

Join Podia Create 2020

Three days of expert-led workshops, honest conversations, and empowerment you need to grow a business that thrives, without the no-days-off hustle.

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