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Digital Products

Sell online courses, coaching sessions, webinars, workshops, ebooks, and anything you can think of on Podia

Get everything you need in one place that you own. Podia takes care of hosting products, taking payments, and getting products to your customers. And you always control your own work.

All you have to do is make the product. Podia takes care of the details for you.

Podia lets you make your sales page, take payments, and give your customers access all in one place. Host and sell your products without needing to figure out a handful of new tools.

Checkout and sales are handled for you

You don’t have to figure out a bunch of tools or website embeds. Just connect a payment provider and your Podia site takes care of payments for you.

Your customers log in, and your products are there for them

Your Podia site handles access to products for you. Everything is in one place. When your customers buy a product, they get a log in. After that, they can see all the products they’ve bought from you.

Upload your product. Make your sales page. Done.

You could sell a digital product by this afternoon. Podia handles hosting, sales pages, checkout, and delivery. All you need is something to sell.

What kinds of products can you sell with Podia?

Podia gives you the flexibility to sell whatever you want. That means you have more ways to grow your creator business.

Online courses

Beautiful online courses you can build in moments

Make a beautiful online course for your customers. Podia hosts your course. That means all the lessons, files, and videos you want handled for you.

I’ve wanted to offer e-courses for a while but always felt overwhelmed with how to set it up. Podia has made it super easy.

— Joy Cho, Oh Joy! Academy

Digital downloads

Ebooks, templates, and any file type you can think of

Have an ebook to sell? Templates you love? Podia makes it easy to spin up a sales page and sell ebooks, templates, audio files, video files, spreadsheets, and any other file type.

We didn’t have to stress about technical details or custom coding. Using Podia made selling our first eBook quick, efficient, and fun.

— Matt & Steph, Plant-based food bloggers


One-on-one coaching and consultations, with billing managed for you

Sometimes your students want one-on-one attention. Podia makes it easy for you to charge for coaching sessions and consultations.

Podia just works. It’s easy to use and includes everything you need to sell digital products. I’ve tried all the alternatives, and Podia is hard to beat.

— Shawn Leamon, Divorce and Your Money


Webinars and workshops with registration and payment in one place

How can you charge for your webinars and workshops? Do it from your Podia site. Set up a paid webinar product and your customers can register straight from your website.

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