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An Etsy alternative that’s actually built for selling digital products

Etsy is great for selling your physical crafts, but if you’re selling downloads, courses or memberships, choose a digital-first platform like Podia.

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"I love that they keep their product simple, there are no hidden upcharges, only one flat investment each month and you can create as many courses or products as you want."

Etsy vs Podia for Selling Digital Products

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Starts at $39/mo


Transaction fees


5% plus listing fees

Free migrations

Yes, with any annual plan





Video hosting

Yes, unlimited


Sell Online Courses



Sell Memberships



Email marketing



Unlimited file size



Your own website



Built-In Affiliate Program

Yes, with Shaker plan


Why creators are making the switch.

A digital storefront built for digital products

We designed Podia with digital — not physical — products in mind. Podia gives your customers a simple and beautiful experience with their own login, on-page delivery, a course viewer to watch videos and consume content online, account management and more.

Your customers are yours, not ours

Your customers — and their emails — are yours, not Podia’s. You own all of it, and you can build strong relationships with your customers by using Podia’s built-in email marketing platform.

Sell from your storefront with pride

Feel confident knowing your supporters will love the look and feel of your digital storefront. Not only will your content look awesome, but you won’t struggle to stand out in a crowded sea of other Etsy shops.

Grow your digital product business on a platform that’s built for it

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See how other creators are using Podia to sell online courses

The Tiny Product Manual

By Marc Eglon
View Marc's Digital download

The simplest setup I’ve ever used. Podia is a game changer for makers.

Marc Eglon

Scientist, writer, designer, & publisher.

How to Grow a Dream Team

By Joy Cho
View Joy's Online course

I’ve wanted to offer e-courses for a while but always felt overwhelmed with how to set it up. Podia has made it super easy to create a website for this new part of my business. The tools are super easy to navigate, and their team is super quick to help answer any questions you have.

Joy Cho

Founder & Creative Director, Oh Joy!

Marketing for Developers

By Justin Jackson
View Justin's Online course

I'm moving all my courses and eBooks over to Podia as we speak.

Justin Jackson

Podcast host, teacher, and author.

Sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting

Our FREE migration service makes switching to Podia easy.

Need some help moving your online courses, membership or downloads to Podia, and switching your customers over from Etsy?

Good news: we’ve got you covered.

Migrations are completely FREE with any annual plan.

Just sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting by moving all of your content and customers to Podia.

Truck icon

Sell faster with free onboarding + migrations

How does a free moving truck sound? We’d be happy to migrate you for free! Just tell us where your stuff is, and we’ll move it quickly and efficiently onto Podia. We’ll also give you a free demo and make sure all of your questions are answered before you start selling.

Sell all kinds of digital products

Podia is an Etsy competitor that goes beyond digital downloads and lets you grow your business by selling online courses and memberships to your audience.

Make more sales with the easiest checkout ever

Forget complicated checkout experiences that cause frustration and drop off. Our 2-step checkout is the simplest one on the market and it’ll never cost you customers.

Support that responds fast

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We never let issues go unchecked and you’ll never feel like you’re alone in tackling a problem. If something is wrong, let us know, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours or less (usually less).

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