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Real Podia creators

Live sites and products from creators who’ve turned their passion into products with Podia.

Creator Story

How John D. Saunders made $200,000 with one online course

John sold his first course on Udemy, where he earned $1,100 selling to 1,900 customers. When he switched to Podia and stopped giving away a huge cut of his sales, he earned nearly 100x more.

“While I’m sleeping, I’m making income. While I’m out at the park with my family, I’m getting sales.”

“It saves me money, it saves me time, and it feels like Podia’s part of my team.”

Creator Story

How Becky Mollenkamp saves $1200 a year with Podia

Becky was paying multiple platforms to host her courses and downloads, and when she planned to launch a membership, she knew it was time to simplify. Now, Podia has saved her thousands.

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Try Podia free for 14 days.

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Live examples

Real examples of sites and products thriving on Podia.

"I love Podia because it takes the annoyance out of building an online business. Rather than worrying about the website and logistics, I can focus on making the best courses possible. Their support is fantastic as well :)”

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