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COVID-19 update: how Podia is helping creators.

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  1. Post Autism Diagnosis Support Course For Parents and Carers

    Podia was so easy to set up. I have tried the big names, but when I came across Podia, the customer support people were very helpful in answering all my questions. I now have everything all in one place which means less work, reduced fees and more sales.

    Cheryl Kennedy

    Online course
  2. Learn To Tech Edit: Masterclass

    Before moving over to Podia I had to pay for multiple platforms in order to sell my products and services. But now Podia can do it all which has simplified my systems and made my business run smoother and more profitably.

    Joeli Kelly

    Online course
  3. Data Analysis the Lazy Way

    I'm honestly not sure what I'd do without Podia - just the idea of going back to the dark ages makes my head hurt.

    David Krevitt

    Online course
  4. Basics of Building a Business

    I absolutely love Podia's user interface - it is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate as the creator. I also love that they keep their product simple, there are no hidden upcharges, only one flat investment each month and you can create as many courses or products as you want.

    Amanda Boleyn

    Online course
  5. Matte Painting: Técnicas Completas

    I've tried many platforms but none gave me everything that I’ve found in Podia. I wanted a place where I can show my content with great quality, and Podia has it. The improvement in video quality and speed of loading compared with other platforms is just awesome and my students can’t be happier with it! And one of the most important things about Podia is their excellent customer support. They helped in each and every question I have, I feel like I really have a team that works to help me. and believe me it is not easy to find this!

    Carles Marsal

    Online course
  6. Going Whole

    After researching all the online program platforms on the market, we're glad we selected Podia. It was quick to set up, the customer service is fantastic, and the overall experience has been great.

    Peta Shulman

    Online course
  7. The Business Skills Hub

    Since our business is all about simplicity and we help entrepreneurs simplify to stand out, we found Podia great for making, hosting, publishing, and selling online courses! 3 days into our free trial, we already knew this is the solution we've been looking for!

    Kenz & Fadwa Soliman

    Online course
  8. Composition & Design

    I was looking for an alternative to New Kajabi that was simple & easy to use. Fortunately I discovered Podia. The platform is very affordable and offers me everything for selling my online tutorials. Plus the support is top notch. I couldn't be happier with my decision to switch to Podia.

    Robert Joyner

    Online course
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