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  1. 7 Fatal Proposal Mistakes Costing You Sales

    Podia is the perfect course platform. Easy UX, powerful features, and legendary support. Trust me, this is the solution you've been looking for.

    Collin Belt

    Digital download
  2. The Eventistry Insiders Membership Group

    I wanted to find a platform that was easy and integrated memberships, products and online courses. Since I've switched, I've been able to set up my highly anticipated membership site. With Podia, it was easy to make the decision. Also, becoming an affiliate for Podia, I make hundreds each month, which I will be using to spend on ads to market my membership site.

    Alecia May

  3. Personal Values Assessment

    When I left my corporate job to start a business, I had to learn a new set of digital skills in order to run an online business. It’s been a challenge to say the least. At first, I was cobbling together a variety of technical solutions to manage my business—and it’s incredibly frustrating to keep up with. However, when I discovered Podia, everything changed. It’s a much easier and efficient way to manage an online business with its all-in-one approach. Plus, it’s affordably priced. I like solutions that grow with my business.

    Jacob Morris

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  4. Blog Biz School

    I have fallen in love with Podia - it's so much fun to use! The other thing I can't get over is the amazing team behind the technology. It's such a good feeling to know that support is there anytime I need it.

    Chantel Arnett

  5. Flights for What

    One of the reasons I love Podia is because the user experience is seamless. I don’t have to think about how to do upload my course documents, I just do it. Another amazing thing is the blog that provides you with super helpful tips to grow your business. I have to also mention the A1 customer service. My issues are always solved quickly by the customer success team.

    Felicia Blaise

    Online course
  6. Sales Proposals the Right Way

    I've been teaching people about proposals for several years-- in person, one-on-one coaching, workshops, etc. People have enjoyed AMAZING results, and I've always wanted to make this stuff available to anyone online. But it's always seemed like too much work. Podia made it so easy, I finally didn't have any more excuses. Feedback from customers has been great-- my concerns that the in person experience or live online experience wouldn't work in a pre-recorded course were just my own head trash. Thanks for making it so easy.

    Reuben Swartz

    Online course
  7. Boho Chic Toolbox for Canva + Adobe

    I have finally found a platform that lets me sell my templates, courses and membership without having a gazillion plugins that always glitch or cost a ton of money. After trying almost every selling platform out there, Podia became a favorite super quickly because of how easy it is to start selling products beautifully. I love Podia for making such a beautiful and easy to use platform.

    Vanessa Ryan

    Digital download
  8. Micro Acquisitions - How to Buy, Grow, and Sell Small Companies

    Podia has a beautiful interface, page builder, and done-for-you affiliate tools. Not to mention the most robust membership program I've seen, which is critical for turning a one-time course sale into an ongoing customer relationship.

    Ryan Kulp

    Online course
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