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  1. Matte Painting: Técnicas Completas

    I've tried many platforms but none gave me everything that I’ve found in Podia. I wanted a place where I can show my content with great quality, and Podia has it. The improvement in video quality and speed of loading compared with other platforms is just awesome and my students can’t be happier with it! And one of the most important things about Podia is their excellent customer support. They helped in each and every question I have, I feel like I really have a team that works to help me. and believe me it is not easy to find this!

    Carles Marsal

    Online course
  2. Composition & Design

    I was looking for an alternative to New Kajabi that was simple & easy to use. Fortunately I discovered Podia. The platform is very affordable and offers me everything for selling my online tutorials. Plus the support is top notch. I couldn't be happier with my decision to switch to Podia.

    Robert Joyner

    Online course
  3. The Tiny Product Manual

    The simplest setup I’ve ever used. Podia is a game changer for makers.

    Marc Eglon

    Digital download
  4. The Ultimate Lifestyle & Fitness Pack

    Having looked around for months to find a great way to realize my dreams of an online business, to the point where I was considering giving up, I finally found Podia. Simple to use for both me and my customers, Great to look at and the most impressive thing is the Podia team are not finished yet! Always open to feedback and always improving the platform.

    Paul Knight

    Online course
  5. Irresistible Podcasting

    I was blown away by Podia's feature set, UX, and customer service. It’s a delight to use. It has everything any course-maker could ask for!

    Adam Clark

    Online course
  6. Marketing for Developers

    I'm moving all my courses and eBooks over to Podia as we speak.

    Justin Jackson

    Online course
  7. Telehealth Treasure Chest

    Podia has made my knowledge SCALEABLE! As a business owner, I seriously love the Podia system. I kid you not, while typing this, I just sold another package, best feeling ever!

    Team Telehealth

  8. The Lean Web Scraping Course

    I am a minimalist and I moved from Teachable to Podia for the design simplicity and stayed for the functionality! The excellent customer support adds the delight and experience. I now run my entire business from Podia as it gives me everything I need to create, sell, and maintain my academy business in one place!

    Rishabh Dev

    Online course
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