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  1. Do I need a mastermind?

    Podia is the perfect platform for creative businesses. Having my digital products and online courses in one place is great for me AND my customers!

    Nicole St. Germain

    Digital download
  2. The Swap

    I love it when the tech is done for me, and Podia's interface is so simple and clean. Selling my first product was a breeze.

    Kendra Adachi

    Digital download
  3. Make Money With Your Travel and Landscape Photography

    Podia is the easiest and most effective way to host a course online. After years of self-hosting on my own website, it's so relaxing to just know that everything is online, secure, and functioning correctly.

    Taylor Jackson

    Online course
  4. Octane Master Course

    I looked at 15 online course platforms, before finding Podia. They had very affordable pricing system, and they never took any of my profits with a % of my sales. The customer support is the best I've ever seen anywhere. I mean it, you would be hard put to find anything better. Contact them right now, and see for your self. They are truly a company that cares.

    John Burdock

    Online course
  5. The Science of Facebook Ads

    The pure simplicity of Podia has allowed me to focus on creating my course and provide value for my customers, avoiding spending hours trying to figure out a complicated courseware. If I got stuck at any point of the process, their amazingly responsive and incredibly nice support was always there to help.

    Mojca Zove

    Online course
  6. Action Scene Animation MADE EASY

    I already really love this platform. I'm going to shutdown the premium accounts I have with Gumroad and Mailchimp and move everything to Podia.

    McCoy Buck

    Online course
  7. Conversations that Convert

    I love Podia because it's simple for me to use as the creator, and simple for my students to navigate as well. The customer experience and responsiveness is top notch, and I love that they listen to our feedback to make meaningful improvements all the time.

    Erika Tebbens

    Online course
  8. Great Marriages Start Here

    Podia is easy-to-use, looks beautiful, and have exceptional customer support.

    Bob & Audrey Meisner

    Online course
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