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  1. Conversation Superstar

    Podia's customer service goes above and beyond, which makes it significantly easier for me to run my business, deliver my courses, and most importantly, keep my blood pressure low.

    Min Liu

    Online course
  2. BMAT Crash Course Online

    I love Podia because they remove all the hassle from creating an online course. As a full stack developer myself, I was thinking of building a custom solution when I discovered Podia - you guys have saved me countless hours of design and coding, which meant I could focus on producing a high-quality course and not worry about the logistics of selling it. Thanks!

    Ali Abdaal

    Online course
  3. Salesforce Lightning Experience Training

    Podia allowed me to set up my store front in an hour and start accepting payments. With Podia I can invest my time on the most important thing for any business, which is my customers.

    Krishna Teja Karnam

  4. How to Grow a Dream Team

    I’ve wanted to offer e-courses for a while but always felt overwhelmed with how to set it up. Podia has made it super easy to create a website for this new part of my business. The tools are super easy to navigate, and their team is super quick to help answer any questions you have.

    Joy Cho

    Online course
  5. Solopreneur Business Tracker

    Building and launching online courses can be overwhelming. Luckily, Podia makes creating exceptional courses easy and fun. They just 'get it.'

    Dewane Mutunga

    Digital download
  6. Plan & Write A Novel In 90 Days (Or Less...)

    After having hosted our courses on various different platforms, our time with Podia has been by far the most positive. We particular like the user interface, which is both aesthetic and intuitive to use, and the purchasing experience (for the customer) which is highly optimized.

    Dave Hickman

    Online course
  7. Learn to Tech Edit (Crochet)

    Before moving over to Podia I had to pay for multiple platforms in order to sell my products and services. But now Podia can do it all which has simplified my systems and made my business run smoother and more profitably.

    Joeli Kelly

    Online course
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