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  1. The Lean Web Scraping Course

    I am a minimalist and I moved from Teachable to Podia for the design simplicity and stayed for the functionality! The excellent customer support adds the delight and experience. I now run my entire business from Podia as it gives me everything I need to create, sell, and maintain my academy business in one place!

    Rishabh Dev

    Online course
  2. Design for Developers

    Podia allows me to focus more on what I love to do (creating), and less on everything else.

    Mackenzie Child

    Online course
  3. Action Scene Animation MADE EASY

    I already really love this platform. I'm going to shutdown the premium accounts I have with Gumroad and Mailchimp and move everything to Podia.

    McCoy Buck

    Online course
  4. BMAT Crash Course Online

    I love Podia because they remove all the hassle from creating an online course. As a full stack developer myself, I was thinking of building a custom solution when I discovered Podia - you guys have saved me countless hours of design and coding, which meant I could focus on producing a high-quality course and not worry about the logistics of selling it. Thanks!

    Ali Abdaal

    Online course
  5. The Business Skills Hub

    Since our business is all about simplicity and we help entrepreneurs simplify to stand out, we found Podia great for making, hosting, publishing, and selling online courses! 3 days into our free trial, we already knew this is the solution we've been looking for!

    Kenz & Fadwa Soliman

    Online course
  6. The Eatweeds Cookbook

    Podia is for Makers who get stuff done. Within 24 hours of discovering Podia, I transferred all my products over and haven’t looked back. Podia is the iPhone of online courses, memberships and digital downloads. Simple, easy and aesthetically beautiful, even a complete technophobe can use it. Thank you Podia team!

    Robin Harford

    Digital download
  7. Code with Node: Learn by Doing

    Podia has allowed me to not have to worry about all of the technical stuff and lets me focus on creating content. I can reach my audience easily and they all love the smooth UI/UX that the platform has to offer. I was able to see results right away from my increase in sales.

    Ian Schoonover

    Online course
  8. Matte Painting: Técnicas Completas

    I've tried many platforms but none gave me everything that I’ve found in Podia. I wanted a place where I can show my content with great quality, and Podia has it. The improvement in video quality and speed of loading compared with other platforms is just awesome and my students can’t be happier with it! And one of the most important things about Podia is their excellent customer support. They helped in each and every question I have, I feel like I really have a team that works to help me. and believe me it is not easy to find this!

    Carles Marsal

    Online course
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