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Your blog, in the same place as your website, your email, your products, and everything else

Podia blogging puts a clean, professional, customizable (and free) blog on your Podia website. And because it’s in the same platform as your products and email marketing, everything just works right out of the box.

What will my blog look like in Podia?

Paste your blog content into the text editor and press publish. That’s all it takes. Your blog will look great right away, and you can customize it more to look exactly the way you like.

Customize your blog posts

Custom fonts, colors, and layouts that you can change in seconds

Add email opt-in forms, share your author bio, adjust your blog’s width and padding, and customize anything else you like without touching a line of code.

Built-in email marketing

Send emails about new posts

When you publish a new blog post, you can share it with the click of a button. Podia Email is automatically connected with your blog so you don’t need any complicated integrations.

Multimedia Blog Posts

Add text, images, videos, buttons, and embeds from +1900 sources

Embed your latest YouTube video, or tweet, or podcast, or survey right into your blog post. Podia doesn’t limit how much media you can share, so you’re free to blog however you like.

Search Engine Optimization

Reach new followers through SEO

Choose a custom SEO title and description, and toggle to make your posts visible in search. You can also connect your site with Google Analytics to track your performance.

Video demo

Podia blogging in action

Wondering if Podia is the best blogging platform for you? Go behind the scenes in this video walkthrough and we’ll show you the ins and outs of Podia’s blogging features.

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Quick answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • Yep! Podia is an all-in-one platform where you can build your blog, website, landing pages, digital products, and courses. You can also run your email marketing, grow your list, manage affiliates, and keep track of your customers all in one place. Your blog is automatically connected so you don’t have to worry about making tools talk to each other.

    Plus you won’t need to pay for a separate web host or hire someone to make changes to your blog design. With Podia, your blog is easy to customize and you can make it look exactly the way you want without touching a line of code. There are SEO tools built in, and all you need to do is type (or copy and paste), press publish, and you’re done.

  • We’re glad you asked! Take a look at our comparison pages to see how Podia stacks up to competitors.

  • Podia blogging is 100% free! Your free Podia account includes our beautiful website builder, a full blogging platform, unlimited landing pages, and the ability to sell a digital download and coaching product. Podia makes it easy and affordable to start (or grow) your online business while you share your knowledge through blogging.

  • Yes! We host all Podia websites, so you don’t have to worry about finding, maintaining, and paying for your own hosting. It’s included for free on all plans.

  • Free and paid plans come with a complimentary subdomain, perfect if you’re just starting out. If you’d like to use a custom domain name, you can do so by upgrading to the Starter plan, which only costs $4/month when you pay annually.

  • You can publish unlimited blog posts on all Podia plans, including the free plan.

  • All Podia sites are optimized for mobile, so your blog posts will look great on phones, tablets, and computers of all sizes.

  • Yes. In the SEO tab of each blog post, you can add an SEO title, SEO description, and social sharing image. You can also decide whether or not each post should show up in search results and you can customize each blog post’s URL.

  • To see examples of real blogs built on Podia, check out our blogging examples page. You can also head to our Podia demo site to see how blog posts and products look to your customers and visitors.

  • Podia has a blog post importer that makes it easy to switch platforms. You can learn more about importing your blog content from another platform here.

  • Of course! Podia still has all the same features as before (and still plays nicely with other blogging platforms.) You can embed your Podia checkout or email opt-in forms onto a third-party blog or website, no problem at all.

  • Podia’s customer support is here for you, seven days a week. Just drop us an email or reach out on chat, and a real, friendly person will be delighted to help you out.