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Blogging [Currently in beta]

Your blog, in the same place as your website, your email, your products, and everything else

Podia blogging puts a clean, professional, customizable (and free) blog on your Podia website. And because it’s in the same platform as your products and email marketing, everything just works right out of the box.

What will my blog look like in Podia?

Paste your blog content into the text editor and press publish. That’s all it takes. Your blog will look great right away, and you can customize it more to look exactly the way you like.

Customize your blog posts

Custom fonts, colors, and layouts that you can change in seconds

Add email opt-in forms, share your author bio, adjust your blog’s width and padding, and customize anything else you like without touching a line of code.

Built-in email marketing

Send emails about new posts

When you publish a new blog post, you can share it with the click of a button. Podia Email is automatically connected with your blog so you don’t need any complicated integrations.

Multimedia Blog Posts

Add text, images, videos, buttons, and embeds from +1900 sources

Embed your latest YouTube video, or tweet, or podcast, or survey right into your blog post. Podia doesn’t limit how much media you can share, so you’re free to blog however you like.

Search Engine Optimization

Reach new followers through SEO

Choose a custom SEO title and description, and toggle to make your posts visible in search. You can also connect your site with Google Analytics to track your performance.

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