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Link in bio tool

A link in bio tool that’s easy to make, easy to update, and easy to customize

Podia’s link in bio platform gives you the features of a full website with the ease of a simple tool. You can sell products, embed videos/music, collect emails, and link to all your stuff.

What if your link in bio page could look like it belonged to you?

Podia has a full website builder to go along with its link in bio pages. Custom backgrounds, colors, fonts, buttons, layouts, embeds, and images make it easy to make a link in bio page that feels like yours.

Full website builder

Share, sell, email, grow. All from a single link.

Your link in bio page needs to do more than just have links, and Podia gives you all the tools you need to run your business.

  • Add a YouTube video, or a Spotify podcast, or a Soundcloud link, or content from 1,900+ other tools. Your audience won’t even have to click to see your work.

  • Sell downloadable products, courses, and community access straight from your link in bio page.

  • Add email forms or lead magnets to build your subscriber list from a link in bio.

What could your link in bio look like?

Add bright colors (whichever ones you want), images, videos, email forms, podcast episodes, and whatever else makes sense for your business.

Everything in one platform

If you get a link in bio, you won’t need a website (you’ll already have one)

Podia link in bio pages are so customizable because you make them with the Podia website builder. That means you don’t need a separate website at all. You can sell products, host Patreon-like communities, run your email marketing, and build as many pages as you want.

Video Walkthrough

Watch Podia creator Adrian Dalsus build a beautiful link in bio page in under two minutes

  • Easily link to your work
  • Use email forms to build your list
  • Sell products through your bio link


Quick Answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • While other link in bio tools give you a simple list of links, Podia gives you a full website builder with unlimited pages. You can create an entire website, a single page, or anything else that’s right for your business. Plus, you can sell digital products, make a community, and grow your email list all with one tool.

  • You can make your link in bio page for free with Podia. Podia’s website builder is included on free plans and you can use it to make a links page, a full website, and everything in between.

  • On Podia’s free plan, you can sell one digital download, coaching product, and community from your link in bio page. On Podia’s paid plans, you can sell community and unlimited digital downloads, coaching products, and courses.

  • Yes! Podia Email is an optional paid add-on and it’s free for up to 100 subscribers. Send automated campaigns, kickstart your creativity with templates, schedule broadcasts, and create custom tags and segments with Podia’s all-in-one email tool.

  • A simple list of links might be fine for right now, but Podia gives you all the tools you need to grow your business today and into the future. As your business evolves, you won’t need to learn new tech. Your link in bio page, website, products, courses, community, email, affiliates, webinars, and checkout are all under one roof.

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