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Email segmentation

Podia takes care of most tagging for you, so targeted email is easy

Tags are useful, but they can get messy. Podia  automatically tracks purchases, sales, memberships, and email activity so you can segment your audience without setting everything up (and you can still add tags if you want).

The 12+ filters that come pre-built with Podia

Instead of making you tag everything and connect a bunch of different tools to get the information you want, Podia tracks the most important info for your business automatically. These are the 12 starting filters you’ll have in your account.

  • Product access
  • Total money spent with you
  • Email address
  • Email activity
  • Affiliate status
  • Last active date
  • Community membership
  • Name
  • Sign-up date
  • Subscription status
  • Waitlist status
  • Tags

How easy is it to segment in Podia?

Podia keeps track of important info for you, so you don’t have to set up a ton of tags (unless you want to). See and send to the segments you want in a couple of clicks.

Your three most important segments: products, email forms/landing pages, and audience interests

Podia gives you 12+ ways to filter out of the box, but these are the three most people care about most. Podia tracks product purchases and email signups automatically, and makes it easy to tag your audience based on interests.

Purchase history

Sell to people who haven’t bought (or cross-sell to people who have)

Podia lets you target your audience based on their purchase history. That means you can specifically email people who haven’t purchased your product yet — or follow up with those who have to offer them another.

Email forms

Email forms add tags from your landing pages

Podia Email forms can add tags when your subscribers sign up, which means you’ll be able to see exactly which landing page each person signed up from.

Audience interests

Target people based on what they’re most interested in

Tracking form signups, product category purchases, and link clicks in emails lets you tag people based on what they care about most. That means you can offer them exactly what they’re most likely to buy.


Podia puts your email and segmentation in the same place as everything else

What sets Podia Email apart from other email service providers is the fact that it is contained together with all the other parts of the Podia system. The communication between email, subscribers, and products is seamless, and that saves time and errors.

Gloria Sloan-Castellanos

Want a list of people who have bought your course and at least one other product? 8 clicks (we counted)

When your filters are easy, it’s easy to see exactly who in your audience is doing what. Audience filtering lets you choose basically any information tracked in Podia to get a sense of how your customers (and which customers!) are interacting with your business.

Get a list of your top spenders

Who are your top customers? You can find them with a simple filter.

See who’s buying each product

Filter by products (one at a time or multiple) to see who’s signing up.

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Mix and match 12+ filters

Whoever you want to find, you can find with the 12+ filtering options that come with Podia.

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Explore Podia Email features with Ben

  • How to filter and segment your audience
  • Customize premade, professional templates
  • Send beautiful broadcasts and automated emails

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Email Marketing Features

All the email marketing features you need

Podia gives you the complete toolkit for building, growing, and selling to your email list.

Email forms

Build your email list by adding email signup forms to any page on your Podia site.

Beautiful, easy email designer

Send beautiful emails. Customize backgrounds, images, fonts, and everything else.

Pre-made email templates

Start from a professionally designed email template, or build your own.

Broadcast emails

Share one-off updates with your entire list or send more targeted updates to specific segments.

Automated campaigns

Create automated drip email campaigns that reach your subscribers at every step of your funnel.

Embeddable forms

Add email signup forms to any page on the web with Podia’s embeddable buttons.

Email segmentation

Segment campaigns by which products your subscribers have purchased and pitch them something else they’ll love.

Rich text, images, and GIFs

Stand out in people’s inboxes by adding any kind of media you’d like to your emails.

Engagement analytics

Track and analyze open rates, clicks, conversion rates, and more, all from within your dashboard.

Revenue metrics

See exactly how many sales — and how much revenue — is generated by every single email you send.

Free migrations

Using another email provider? No problem. We’ll move your content and customers to Podia for FREE with any annual subscription!

Lead magnets

Offer free content to collect email addresses and build your audience. Then set up an email funnel to nurture your new leads and sell your course.