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Why create an online course with Podia?

As a creator, you have a lot of options when it comes to selling online, and you’re probably wondering what makes Podia different or special. While we invite you to browse the rest of this page to find out, these are some of the top reasons over 25,000+ creators have chosen Podia as their online course platform.


Podia has everything you need to create, market, and sell online courses. This means you can consolidate your workflow, save time, and pay just one flat fee for everything you need, including:

  • Website builder
  • Online course builder
  • Sales pages
  • Email capture and email marketing tools
  • Messaging for live chat
  • Selling tools like coupons, upsells, affiliates, and more
  • Student engagement features like quizzes and comments
  • Fast & secure payment collection
  • Student management

Unlimited everything

There are zero limits on content, students, emails, or earnings. Sell as much as you like to as many people as possible — the sky’s the limit!

No transaction fees

While some e-learning platforms take a cut of your sales, we never do. This means every dollar you make, you keep. It’s that simple.

No technical headaches

Say goodbye to technical frustrations forever. With Podia, you focus on creating and selling online courses, while we handle all of the hosting, coding, and technical issues.

World-class support from real people

We know everyone says this, but no one delivers like the people on our support team. We are here for you and your business, from Day 1 to Day 1000, and can help you with everything from getting set up to making your first sale and beyond.

Free migrations

Using another online learning platform? Have your content saved on YouTube or another social media platform? No problem. We’ll move your content from wherever it’s hosted for FREE!

What kind of course creators love Podia?

While all our 25,000+ course creators are unique, we’ve noticed that a lot them love Podia for many of the same reasons. For example, some people are drawn to the easy-to-use design tools, while other people love how Podia offers them an “all-in-one” selling experience.

There are creators like Bryan

who want a beautiful course that matches their business and brand, without wasting time on the design details…

The Podia team was super helpful before I even paid them a single dollar. Their platform has let me focus on creating content and growing my audience rather than fighting with technology. Plus, it provides just the tools needed to make a course and site that work well (and look great!) without getting too into the details!

Bryan Zavestoski

Designer & teacher

There are “non-technical” creators like Joy

who want to offer a professional course experience, but don’t want to deal with hosting, coding, or technical headaches…

I’ve wanted to offer e-courses for a while but always felt overwhelmed with how to set it up. Podia has made it super easy to create a website for this new part of my business. The tools are super easy to navigate, and their team is super quick to help answer any questions you have.

Joy Cho

Founder & Creative Director, Oh Joy!

On the flip side, there are “technical” creators like Ali

who don’t want to waste time building their own online course platform, so they can stay focused on creating and selling…

"I love Podia because it takes the annoyance out of building an online business. Rather than worrying about the website and logistics, I can focus on making the best courses possible. Their support is fantastic as well :)"

Ali Abdaal

Doctor & teacher

There are creators like Sef

who want to expand their product offerings and make as many sales as possible, using tools that never limit their potential…

This is a one-stop-shop for all my digital product needs, especially as a YouTube creator. Whether it’s creating online courses & digital products to having memberships to even dripping out automated email campaigns, Podia has got it all!

Sef Chang

Product developer and idea licensing expert.

There are creators like Amanda

who just want to pay one clear price without losing sales to transaction fees…

I absolutely love Podia's user interface - it is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate as the creator. I also love that they keep their product simple, there are no hidden upcharges, only one flat investment each month and you can create as many courses or products as you want.

Amanda Boleyn

Podcaster & Entrepreneur

And there are creators like Joeli

who are tired of paying for multiple platforms and want to save time and money, while consolidating their work flows…

Before moving over to Podia I had to pay for multiple platforms in order to sell my products and services. But now Podia can do it all which has simplified my systems and made my business run smoother and more profitably.

Joeli Kelly

Tech editor & entrepreneur

…And 25,000+ more!

There are thousands of creators who have all chosen Podia for their own reasons. Want to see even more?

Check out our examples

What kind of online courses can I create with Podia?

The short answer? You can create any kind of course you can imagine. The long answer? You can create a variety of online courses that fit your business and customers’ needs; we support every file type, host all of the content, and we never place limits on the amount of content you can upload and sell to your students.

Single course

Create your online courses with any kind of content you like, including text, images, videos, audio files, MP3, links, PDF, PSD, quizzes, and more.

Drip courses

Deliver your course content to your students section-by-section over time. Simply upload your content, set the delivery schedule, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Bundle of courses

Package up similar courses as a “course bundle” and offer it as an advanced or complete learning option for your students.

Pre-sell courses

Have an audience that’s chomping at the bit for your latest content? With Podia, you can pre-sell as many courses as you like before your official launch, without any time or usage limits.

Pre-launch courses

Test out ideas with your audience before investing in creating an entire course; you can also collect emails from potential customers before launching your latest product.

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Podia solves all of my selling needs by letting me house courses, memberships, and downloads all in one place. Plus, the customer service is second to none.

Becky Mollenkamp

Content marketer & creative entrepreneur

Are there any limits on content, customers, or sales?

None at all, which is why so many people love Podia! There are ZERO limits on anything related to your online business, including…

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited customers / students
  • Unlimited content
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited email lists
  • Unlimited sales
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I've tried a few learning platforms but the main reason I chose Podia is its beautiful & simple interface - it makes my admin work easy and makes my students' learning experience smooth & efficient. Win-win! Also, their support team is the best. They helped me out with everything, even on weekends.

Nicole Saidy

UX Designer, Speaker & Blogger

True or false: Podia has quizzes (TRUE!)

Test your customers’ knowledge by adding interactive, multiple-choice quizzes at the end of your lessons. Creators love the easy-to-use interface, while students love the simple, built-in challenges.

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Podia makes it easy to create and promote my online courses, and because there are no transaction fees, I don't get penalized when my enrollment increases. They also have incredible customer service so both me and my students feel taken care of.

Dana Kaye

Branding Outside the Box

What are the design options like? How do I customize my online course?

You can easily customize your homepage and sales pages to match your brand or create something from scratch in no time. Wondering how the Podia Website Builder works or what it looks like in action? Check out the video below.

Add videos, images + more

Easily add rich text, images, videos, and testimonials to your homepage and sales pages.

Customizable branding

Add your logo and customize the colors to suit your brand

Live previews

See exactly how everything will look in real-time as you make updates and changes.

Flexible layout

Control how you want everything to look and where you want elements to appear.

Beautiful on all devices

Your online course will look amazing on desktop, mobile, tablet, and more.

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Podia allowed me to set up my store front in an hour and start accepting payments. With Podia I can invest my time on the most important thing for any business, which is my customers.

Krishna Teja Karnam

Salesforce Expert & Trainer

What will my online course look like on different devices?

Your online course will look beautiful on every device, from desktop to mobile, tables, and everything in between. But rather than tell you all about it, how about we just show you? 😉

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"I love that Podia has everything I need in one place at a beyond affordable price. The support team is unmatched, making these usually dreaded business activities and tech easy and pleasant.

Amie Pederson

How do I market my online course to my audience?

Podia has everything you need to capture email addresses, send campaigns to your email list, create landing pages, and more. You won’t have to rely on a bunch of different platforms to make your website work, and you can save money by paying one flat fee for everything.

Pre-launch courses

Have a great idea you want to bring to life? Test it out before creating the course by collecting emails from potential customers; this will ensure you’re investing time in products your audience actually wants.

Email marketing

Build your email list, nurture it, and create one-on-one relationships with your audience by sending newsletters and drip campaigns to your students; segment lists by audience type, plus analyze and track performance at every step.

Free lead magnets

Offer free content as a way to collect email addresses and build your target audience; free lead magnets are a great way to start relationships and lay the foundation for future sales.

Pre-sell courses

Don’t risk launching to crickets! Start selling your course while you’re working on it, so you can get paid while you create and your students have something to look forward to.


Have a super-engaged audience? Put those people to work by giving affiliate partners a commission for selling your courses (it’s like a bonus for your business!).

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My love for Podia is similar to that of a high school crush - totally obsessed and telling everyone. What I love about Podia is one, how simple and easy it is to use, and two, it looks so good!

Also, the team at Podia has the most incredible customer service I've ever seen. In all your interactions with them, you feel like they genuinely want to see you succeed and are on your team. That is an invaluable gift.

Ashley Beaudin

How do I sell my online course? And how do I make it as profitable as possible?

With Podia, you have the complete toolkit for building a profitable website, from earning your first sales to collecting recurring monthly revenue. All payments are captured safely and securely and customer information is stored and protected in your dashboard. There are zero transaction fees and no waiting period on your earnings, plus you have a variety of tools that can help you sell more, from coupons and bundles to upsells and affiliates.

Accept online payments

Automatically accept credit card payments via Stripe or PayPal; securely store your customers’ payment information for recurring revenue and future purchases.

High-converting checkout

Students can purchase your online courses in just a few clicks, whether they’re shopping on your homepage or anywhere else on your website; our checkout is simple and fast, which means more sales and less drop-off.


Sell online courses from your own website with embeddable “buy” buttons; this creates a complete, high-converting checkout experience on your own website, ensuring a streamlined shopping experience for students.

Payment plans

Make it easier for people to afford your products by giving them the option to pay in monthly installments; this will increase sales for your site, while building a longer-lasting relationship with students.


Nudge your customers to buy with coupons that can be customized with time or usage limits.

Bundle products

Entice people to buy more by selling similar courses or related products together as a bundle or package.

1-click Upsells

Increase the size of every order by offering relevant upsells (like additional products) to customers who purchase your online courses.

Cross-sell products

Segment campaigns by which products your audience has purchased and pitch them something else they’ll love.


Put your audience to work by giving affiliate partners a commission for selling your courses.

Instant payouts

Get paid faster with instant payouts; there’s no holding or waiting period, so you get your money as quickly as possible.

No transaction fees

Keep more of what you earn by selling as many products as you want, without ever losing money to transaction fees.

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Podia is like an awesome swiss army knife for selling anything online. You can sell courses, memberships, and digital downloads all in one place, and they eliminate all of the technical headaches for you!

Corbett Barr

How do I manage and communicate with my online course customers?

All of your customers’ information — including names, email addresses, payment information, revenue and more — is stored within your Podia account and can be exported at any time. If you ever need to get in touch with your customers, you’re able to communicate with them directly via email, through content updates, and more.

  • Reach out to customers via email
  • Communicate with customers directly via your membership site
  • Issue coupons or refunds
  • Grant or remove access to content
  • Connect your social media groups for direct communication
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I love Podia because it makes easy for course creators to have a beautiful, functional product.

Podia's platform gives my students a great experience from when they first land on my sales page, all the way through making a purchase and completing my course.

Rachel Reclam

What about my other business apps like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, ConvertKit, etc?

We offer integrations for a variety of popular business tools, from Mailchimp and Convertkit to Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, social media platforms, and more. We do our best to support whatever tools you need to run your online business, so if there’s something you need that we don’t offer, let us know!

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After considering multiple platforms for my online courses, I luckily discovered Podia. Their features were everything I wanted on a platform plus they have a slick, modern interface. Creating content is enough work already. Podia makes it simple.

Sander van Dijk

Artist and animator.

Do you support my language and currency?

Our customers conduct business all over the globe, which is why we currently support 11 languages and 22 currencies. We’re always looking to better fit our customers’ needs, so if you don’t see your language or currency listed, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

  • 11 languages including French, German, Dutch, and more
  • 22 currencies including Dollar, Euro, Yen, and more
  • And growing!
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Podia's customer service goes above and beyond, which makes it significantly easier for me to run my business, deliver my courses, and most importantly, keep my blood pressure low.

Min Liu

Verbal Skills Coach and 'The Big Brother You Never Had'.

What if I try Podia, but decide it’s not for me?

No problem! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you a full month to try it out and see if it’s the best way for you to sell online courses. If it’s not, just let us know within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.

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