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How to build an audience that loves your work

This guide contains everything you need to know about getting your work noticed and building an audience of engaged fans.

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This guide is also available as a free online course

This guide is a companion piece to Get Noticed!, our course about how to build your audience. Get Noticed! is free and includes worksheets to walk you through taking action on what you’ve learned, along with additional resources to expand on the themes covered in the course. Join Get Noticed! for free →

Thousands of creators use Podia to run their businesses, and when we talked to the most successful creators, we found that they have a few things in common.

People who grow an audience publish consistently. They usually choose one channel that they focus on before they try to build an audience everywhere. They usually don’t have a specific product to sell or a business strategy in mind when they start building. And, most of the time, the creators who succeed are the ones who make things they actively enjoy making.

This guide is for anyone who wants to build an audience of their own. It’s for you. You’ll learn how to discover what your audience is really looking for. You’ll learn how to make sure there are people who notice when you hit publish, who drop what they’re doing to check out your latest work. You’ll learn how to have people waiting and ready to buy once you’ve launched your next product.

The lessons in this guide come from successful Podia creators who have once been exactly where you’re sitting. We’ve synthesized advice from creators like Khe Hy, Becky Mollenkamp, Em Connors, and many others, and you’ll see them chime in during your lessons as you keep learning.

You want to be set up for success from the beginning. And for that reason, you’ll also get advice that these successful creators wish they’d had when they got started. You’ll learn how to build on a platform you own, and how to research your audience and understand what they’re willing to pay for — so that when you are ready to start selling, you have everything you need to grow quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a product to sell or if you’ve never pressed publish in your life. If you want your work to get noticed, this guide is for you. Now let’s jump over to the first chapter where we tackle some audience building myths so that growing your audience isn’t harder than it has to be.

First chapter

Myth #1: Your audience is everyone on the internet

In Chapter 1, you’ll learn about all of the places you might find your audience (including easier-to-reach ones many creators miss) and what you can do to start growing right away.

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