How to Create, Sell and Profit from an Online Course in 2019

This guide is everything you need to know about creating, launching and selling a course this year.

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Create an online course

You have something to share with the world.

It might be a passion of yours, a personal talent or a professional skill, and you know that others could benefit from it…

…if you could just figure out a way to bottle that magic and share it with people.

Well, there is a way: create and sell an online course.

The e-learning market is expected to double to $325 billion by 2025.

You’ve seen others selling their courses, and you may have even thought about doing one yourself.

But there’s a lot to think about…

We created this epic 12,000 word guide to answer all of these questions and more. It contains all of the information you need to create and sell a profitable online course, without wondering whether you’re doing things right.

We hope you enjoy our guide, and we wish you the best of luck with your online course!

“Just finished reading Podia's guide for creating courses. It's immensely helpful; the best I've found so far!”

Section 1

How to create an online course

Create an online course
Section 2

How to Sell, Market, and Profit from Your Online Course

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