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Hassle-free migration to Podia

Podia offers product and email list migrations from any platform where you host your products or manage your email lists at no extra cost! All you need to do is sign up for an annual plan.

How it works: 4 steps to migrating to Podia

Migrations are a manual process for our support team. The way it works is that we sign into your current provider to export your subscribers, tags, and segments and then import them into your Podia account.

For email campaigns, we will copy and paste the content, images, and files into a new campaign here, using the selected template of your choice. We will then set up applicable automations.

Here’s how the process works in more detail:

Step 1 – Sign up for an annual account

We can only offer migrations to users on annual plans with Podia. On Podia you can have a plan for your site (including all your products) and a plan for your email marketing.

You can pay for those monthly or annually, but we can only offer migrations when you’re on an annual plan of the migration you want us to complete. E.g. you have to be on an annual email plan for us to migrate your email.

Step 2 – Fill out the migration request form

Filling out a product migration request form or an email migration request form is how we start the process of migrating your data. We’ll ask you some questions about where you’re migrating from, the details you use to access that platform.

There’s a short set of questions about what you want us to move from your current platform and you’ll need to give us a list of the names of campaigns, lists and anything else you need migrated as part of that.

If we’re migrating your email from another platform, we’ll also ask you about which broadcast template you want us to use for your migrated emails. You can choose one of our expert designed templates or use one of your own.

Step 3 – Sign the migration agreement

As a final step, we’ll ask you to digitally sign a copy of our migration agreement which sets out what we can and can’t migrate and a few other details about how we’ll work to make this happen for you. You don’t need any special equipment to sign this document – we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

Step 4 – Sit back and relax

When you’ve completed the migration request form and the migration agreement, we’ll queue your migration for processing. Once that happens, we don’t need you to do anything unless we reach out with updates or questions along the way.

All migration requests are processed in the order that we receive them.

We’ll give you a time estimate once we get started and let you know the second it’s done. Because we take extra care to manually migrate your data, we don’t offer refunds on the first year of your annual plan.

Quick answers

  • Migrations of products and customers is completely FREE when you choose annual billing on any paid plan. Mover and Shaker plans qualify; just choose annual billing when you select your plan.

  • We’ll migrate your products, customers and newsletter subscribers for FREE according to the following plan limits:

    • Mover: 5 products
    • Shaker: 10 products

    If you need more products imported, just reach out to discuss pricing.

  • The length of your migration will depend on what platform you are coming from and the number of files your products contain. If you’d like an estimate before signing up, just click the support button in the bottom right of this page or email with the subject “Migration estimate”. You can find more information on the migration process in this support article.

  • If you’re buying an annual email plan, we’ll help you migrate your email lists, tags, segments and campaigns from your existing email service provider (ESP) to Podia for free.

    If you’ve got up to 5,000 subscribers, we’ll migrate:

    • Email list + tags + segments (as tags)
    • Up to 1 email campaign, using the Podia email template of your choice

    If you have more than 5,000 subscribers, we’ll migrate:

    • Email list + tags + segments (as tags)
    • Up to 15 email campaigns, using the Podia email template of your choice

    Due to differences between platforms, migrated automations are limited to the following triggers:

    • Purchase of a product
    • Joining a Waitlist
    • Adding to Audience
    • Joins a Community
    • Adding of a tag

    You can submit the email migration form here.

  • Every platform is different so it’s unlikely that you will end up with a setup that’s exactly the same as your existing ESP – but we can get you pretty close!

    Data migrated for email subscribers is limited to: First and Last name, email address, and associated tags. We cannot store or migrate additional information such as mailing addresses, phone numbers, or subscriber notes.

    Additionally, we’re unable to migrate:

    • Any custom email designs or templates.
    • Tables, columns, or custom code.
    • Conditional splits.

    For more information on the specifics of what we can and can’t migrate, check out this support article.