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The creator-friendly Patreon alternative you’ve been looking for.

Podia is a Patreon alternative with no transaction fees, a beautiful interface, and personal support from a team that’s on your side.

Sell everything under one roof.

Run your community in the same place you sell your digital products. No separate logins or distractions, just your audience and your content. With Podia, you can run your entire business on a single platform where you can sell courses, downloads, webinars, coaching, and community.

No extra transaction fees, no matter how much you sell.

We don’t take a cut of your sales, because you earned it, and you deserve to keep it.

Own your platform.

You worked hard to build your audience, don’t let some massive platform own your relationship with them. With Podia, you own your customer data, your sales, your content, and your platform.

Video demo

Podia in action

Wondering if Podia is a better platform for you? Go behind the scenes in this video walkthrough, where Ben will show you the ins and outs of Podia’s software and how it can help your business.

This table has Podia,Patreon columns and 19 rows

Comparing Podia vs. Patreon




Podia is$79/mo

Patreon is5-12% of sales ($300 minimum in monthly fees for Premium)

“Free” plan

Podia is no

Patreon isYes, with transaction fees

Free migrations

Podia is yes

Patreon is no

Online courses

Podia is yes

Patreon is no


Podia is yes

Patreon is yes


Podia is yes

Patreon is no


Podia is yes

Patreon isYouTube Live only, no Zoom integration

Email marketing

Podia is yes

Patreon is no

Unlimited products

Podia is yes

Patreon is no

Unlimited customers

Podia is yes

Patreon is yes

Unlimited membership plans

Podia is yes

Patreon is no

Your own website

Podia is yes

Patreon isNo, must be on Patreon's site


Podia is yes

Patreon isYes (on Premium plan)

Buy buttons

Podia is yes

Patreon is no


Podia is yes

Patreon isYes, requires mobile app

Built-in affiliate program

Podia is yes

Patreon is no

Live chat support

Podia is yes

Patreon is no

Transaction fees

Podia is yes

Patreon is2.9-6%, plus per-transaction fees

Video hosting

Podia isYes, unlimited

Patreon isLimited (200MB size limit, and members can’t play video online, but must download)

Need help moving your products and customers to Podia?

Need help moving your products and customers to Podia?

Learn about migrations

Why creators are making the switch from Patreon to Podia.

Here are some more of the reasons creators have shared for why they’ve chosen Podia to power their business.

The happiest customers on the internet.

Podia’s customer satisfaction (NPS) scores are in the top 0.01% of all companies on the internet. Feel free to Google our reviews and see for yourself!

Free migrations.

Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. Our migration service makes switching to Podia easy, and is completely free on all annual plans.

Make more sales with friction-free checkout.

Forget complicated checkout experiences that cause frustration and drop off. Our 2-step checkout is the simplest one on the market, and it’s optimized to make you sales.

Sell everything under one roof.

Podia is an all-in-one platform that you can run your entire business on. We’ve helped tens of thousands of creators replace 3-6+ tools and simplify their lives.

We create stuff for other creators, so we’re deeply embedded in the creator community – and so is Podia. That’s why we went with them. They are the most creator-friendly team and platform we’ve found, full stop. Happy to be using their product, happier to have gotten to know their team through their great content and customer support.

— Jay Acunzo, Founder of Marketing Showrunners and Make What Matters

Podia vs. Patreon: What's right for me?

Great question! We obviously think we’re pretty great, but here’s an honest answer:

Both platforms allow you to charge for monthly membership access.

But while Patreon is set up as a way to get others to “support” your creative work, Podia helps you build a real business.

If Patreon is your online tip jar, then Podia is the platform that empowers you to be an entrepreneur. You can create and sell products like online courses, digital downloads, and webinars, as well as run email marketing campaigns, build an entire website, get more sales with affiliate partners, and more.

The best platform choice comes down to what’s most important for you.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that makes it simple to run your online business, has world-class customer service, and is affordable whether you’re just starting out or growing fast, then we built Podia just for you.

If you’d prefer to “put your stuff out there” with no risk and only pay when somebody buys something, then give Patreon a try.

Another thing to consider is where you expect your business to be a few months from today. For example, if you earn $100/mo today, then Patreon is the cheaper – and more limited – choice. But if you intend to grow your business to $1,000/mo or more, then Podia’s Shaker plan ($79/mo with no commission fees) quickly becomes the more affordable option, AND gives you a much bigger set of features. Plus, with Podia’s selling features like email marketing, upsells, affiliate management and more, you’ll have what you need to hit those revenue goals much, much faster.

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Quick answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • We would LOVE to have you join us on our live weekly demo, every Tuesday at 2PM ET. Register here. If that time isn’t convenient for you, you can still register and receive a replay in your email inbox a few hours after the demo.

  • Yes! We offer free (and hassle-free) migrations on any annual plan. Get started here.

  • Podia is completely free to try for 14 days, no credit card required and no strings attached. If you’re not head-over-heels in love with it at the end of your trial, you don’t pay a dime!

  • Absolutely! You can see how Podia stacks up to many of our competitors right here.

    We also have some head-to-head comparisons of other leading platforms in case you’re choosing between those, including:

  • We’d love to. Podia’s customer support is here for you, seven days a week. Just reach out to us on live chat and a real, friendly person will be delighted to help you out.