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When was the last time you looked forward to sending emails?

You know that email marketing is an important puzzle piece in your online business, but you didn’t sign up to be a tech whisperer. You have an important message to share, and you don’t want to spend all your free time figuring out how to integrate your email list with the rest of your online business tools.

GetResponse vs. Podia Email

GetResponse is a good option for combining email with web push notifications, SMS marketing, and complex conversion funnels (but it can also be tricky to use). Podia Email gives you beautiful emails, straightforward automation, and a platform that’s connected to your website, community, and digital products. Which option is right for you?


Free plan with 100 subscribers
Send unlimited emails on all plans
Segments and automation on all plans
Email templates
Free website
Sell a download & coaching on the free plan
Online course builder
Online community feature
Built-in affiliate management


Free plan with 500 subscribers
x Send unlimited emails only on paid plans
Segments and automation
Email templates
Free website
x No ability to sell products on the free plan
x No online course builder
x No online community feature
x No built-in affiliate management

This table has Podia,GetResponse columns and 20 rows

Comparing Podia vs. GetResponse



Free plan

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Unlimited email sends on all plans

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

Visual email designer

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Email templates

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes


Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes


Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes


Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Automations on the free plan

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

A/B testing

Podia is no

GetResponse is yes

Lead magnets

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Website builder

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes


Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

Landing pages

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Sell digital products

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

Membership area

Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Online course builder

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

Online community platform

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no


Podia is yes

GetResponse is yes

Free customer chat messaging

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

Affiliate marketing management

Podia is yes

GetResponse is no

Need help moving your products and customers to Podia?

Need help moving your products and customers to Podia?

Learn about migrations

Video demo

Podia email in action

Wondering if Podia is the best email marketing software for you? Go behind the scenes in this video walkthrough, where Ben will show you the ins and outs of Podia’s email features.

"Using Podia Email has supported me in streamlining the way I connect with and stay in touch with my clients, students and community. Having the email service in-house, so to speak, with my courses and products creates ease and cohesiveness in my business.

The visual editor is intuitive and easy to use - I am very happy with what I have been able to create thus far. I am thrilled to notice that not only have my open rates improved using Podia Email but my click rates have also improved!!"

Moira Hutchison, Wellness With Moira

Spend less time setting up your online storefront and more time doing what you love.

With Podia, your subscribers, leads, customers, and products are automatically connected. You don’t need to worry about integrating with pricey ecommerce tools like Zapier, WooCommerce, or Shopify, and you can feel confident that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.

Icon of infinity symbol

Create a full website and unlimited landing pages.

No need to pay extra for third-party landing page builders. Podia gives you a beginner-friendly website builder with unlimited pages for free so you can customize your online home however you like. Plus, you can seamlessly add eye-catching email opt-in forms with a click.

Unlimited email sends, even on the free plan.

Many email marketing platforms restrict the number of emails you can send in a given month, but not Podia. Whether you’re sending one message or one hundred, we won’t cap your email sends on any plans, including the free plan.

Why creators choose Podia over GetResponse

Here are some reasons entrepreneurs choose Podia to power their businesses.

Grow your list with lead magnets

Entice potential customers to join your list by giving away valuable lead magnets. Create a free product like a checklist, ebook, or mini-course and grant automatic access whenever someone subscribes to your list.

Advanced audience filtering on all plans

Create segments and send emails based on custom tags, products purchased, membership tier, the amount spent, affiliate status, last active, sign-up date, and other helpful metrics. With Podia, you have more control over who receives your messages.

Track which emails generate the most sales

Podia’s email dashboard will show you how many products you sold from a specific email and your total earnings for each of your email marketing campaigns so you can see what’s resonating with your audience.

A support team that's here for you

The number one reason people cite for loving Podia? Our customer service. We’re always here to help, with real people offering email support on all plans, and email + chat support on all paid plans.

What could your emails look like? Here are some of the free email templates available with Podia

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Podia vs. GetResponse: Which one is right for me?

Podia and GetResponse are both email marketing tools for small business owners. GetResponse focuses primarily on email and has a limited free plan, while Podia covers all aspects of building an online business and offers more features on the free plan.

Every creator has different needs, so to help you make the best choice for you, let’s see how Podia vs. GetResponse stack up.

Plans and pricing for Podia and GetResponse

Both Podia and GetResponse offer a range of plans to accommodate online businesses of all sizes.

With Podia, you’ll start by choosing the Free, Starter, Mover, or Shaker plan.

  • Free (10% transaction fee): Includes a website, community, one digital download, one online coaching product, and customer messaging
  • Starter: $9/month or $4/month when paid annually (8% transaction fee), includes everything on the Free plan plus a custom domain, integration with Google Analytics, and live chat support
  • Mover: $39/month or $33/month when paid annually (5% transaction fee), includes everything on the Starter plan plus unlimited digital products, unlimited courses, and our intuitive online course builder
  • Shaker: $89/month or $75/month when paid annually, includes everything on the Mover plan plus affiliates and embeddable checkout

All Podia plans come with 100 email subscribers for free. All plans, even the free plan, include unlimited sends each month and you get the full features of Podia email, including templates, automations, tagging, and segmentation.

You also have the option to add on email subscribers as you grow so you’re never paying for more than you need:

  • Up to 500 subscribers: $9/month
  • Up to 1,500 subscribers: $17/month
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers: $25/month
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers: $42/month
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers: $63/month
  • See the full pricing scale here

GetResponse offers four different plans that each increases in price as you add on more subscribers. There are different features on each plan, so you’ll need to choose the service level as well as the number of contacts you have to see your monthly price.

GetResponse plans:

  • Free:
    • $0/month
    • Up to 500 contacts
    • 2,500 email sends per month
    • 1 landing page
    • Website builder
  • Email Marketing:
    • Starting at $19/month for 1,000 contacts, $29/month for 2,500 contacts
    • Everything on the free plan
    • Unlimited email sends
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Basic segmentation
  • Marketing Automation:
    • Starting at $59/month for 1,000 contacts, $69/month for 2,500 contacts
    • Everything on the Email Marketing plan
    • Automation
    • Advanced segmentation
    • Promo codes
    • Webinars
  • Ecommerce Marketing:
    • Starting at $119/month for 1,000 contacts, $139/month for 2,500 contacts
    • Everything on the Marketing Automation plan
    • Ecommerce segmentation
    • Abandoned cart recovery

Let’s assume you have 5,000 email subscribers. With Podia, you could use the free plan and add 5,000 contacts for $42/month. You’d get unlimited email sends, segments, and automations, as well as the ability to run a community and start selling digital products.

With GetResponse, you wouldn’t be eligible for the free plan. Here’s how much you’d pay for 5,000 contacts on GetResponse’s premium plans:

  • Email Marketing: $54/ month
  • Marketing Automation: $95/month
  • Ecommerce Marketing: $169/month

All of GetResponse’s paid plans come with unlimited email sends, but advanced segmentation and automation are only available on the higher-priced Marketing Automation plan and above. Also, if you want to unlock ecommerce email marketing features, you’d need the top tier Ecommerce Marketing plan and an integration with your online course platform or digital store.

Podia’s free plan vs. GetResponse’s free plan

Podia’s free plan includes 100 email subscribers, unlimited email sends, segments, automations, and campaigns, as well as the ability to sell a digital download, sell coaching, build an online community, and create a website with unlimited pages. You can also set up free customer chat messaging on your website.


You can create drafts of online courses and webinars using Podia’s free plan. You’ll need to upgrade to publish them, but the free drafts feature allows you to take your time building your digital products and only start paying when you’re ready to launch.

GetResonse’s free plan includes 500 email contacts and 2,500 email sends per month. The free version also has basic segmentation and a website builder, but your website is limited to ten subpages.

You won’t have access to automations or autoresponders for your email sequences, and you can only save specific groups as segments on paid plans. You’ll also need to upgrade to get live chat with customers and integrations with platforms for selling digital products.

Email editor and design options

Both Podia and GetResponse have easy-to-use email builders so you can create newsletters and messages that match your branding. Podia and GetResponse also include customizable templates if you need a quick starting point, and the ability to duplicate a previous email to keep the same formatting and design.

Podia's email editor and customization options

Grow your business through automations

Podia and GetResponse have automations so you can connect with potential clients whenever they complete an action, like signing up for a newsletter.

GetResponse’s autoresponder tool is available on the Email Marketing plan and above, and marketing automations and event-based automations are available on the Marketing Automation plan and up.

Podia allows customers to use campaigns and automations on all plans. You can create welcome sequences, sales funnels, nurture campaigns, and other campaigns so you can communicate with your audience on autopilot, even if you’re away from your computer.

Podia email automated campaigns

Communicate with the right audience members through segmentation

Segments and tags can help you keep your email list organized. When you have an announcement or update you’d like to share, you can use segments and tags to specify who your email should go to.

With Podia, you can add tags to your subscribers and create custom segments on all plans. You can also filter your list based on who has purchased products in the past, who is on the waitlist for a particular offer, when someone subscribed, when they were last active, and other details.

Podia email advanced filtering options

With GetResponse, you can filter your contacts based on demographic information on the free plan, and you can add more specific segments based on tags, events, or lead magnets on higher-tiered plans.

Design a beautiful website and landing pages

Podia and GetResponse both include a free no-code website tool so you can create a home base for your online business.

Podia’s point-and-click website builder includes pre-designed sections, customizable fonts and colors, and unlimited pages. You automatically get a sales page for each product you create, and you can make as many email opt-in landing pages as you like. Podia websites also come with a customer live chat feature you can enable for free.

home-website builder-hero

GetResponse has a drag-and-drop website builder with website templates and an AI builder option. You can design your site using pre-build sections but there are some limitations to GetResonse’s website tool on the free plan. The free plan limits your website to 10 subpages and 5GB of bandwidth. You only get one landing page and customer live chat isn’t available until you sign up for a paid plan.

Sell digital products and earn money online

With Podia, your email and digital products are automatically connected.

Here are just a few of the types of digital products you can build and sell on Podia:

  • Digital downloads, like ebooks, printables, checklists, and files
  • Self-paced and cohort courses, drip email courses, course subscriptions
  • Live, replay, and pre-recorded webinars
  • Coaching sessions
  • Online community access with free and paid tiers
  • Product bundles and upsells

home-digital products-hero

You can use Stripe or Paypal as your payment processor, and you can also offer free products, product waitlists, coupons, and embedded checkout.

Every product you create on Podia automatically has a sales page and checkout page associated with it, so you won’t have to pay extra for pricey page-building tools or worry about interconnecting your payment gateways, email, website, and products.

Podia also includes affiliate management so happy customers can promote your products in exchange for a percentage of each sale.

GetResponse includes a storefront and electronic file delivery on the Email Marketing plan and above, but you can only connect payment processors like Stripe and Paypal on the Marketing Automation plan and above.

This means the Email Marketing option is suitable for delivering free products and lead magnets, but you’ll need the Marketing Automation or Ecommerce Automation plan to sell access to your products. Plus, if you’re selling an online course or community access, you’ll need an additional tool for housing your content.

How to access support

Both Podia and GetResponse include email support for all customers and live chat support for paying members. Podia users get expert help docs, blog articles, free training courses, guides, video tutorials, and access to our welcoming Creator Community on all plans. GetResponse users get blog articles, resources, and access to tutorial webinars.

Because Podia is an all-in-one tool for managing your email, website, and digital products, you only need to work with one support team if you get stuck. You won’t have to worry about different platforms blaming each other for issues that arise, and you’ll get all the help you need in one place with a support agent who knows the entire platform inside and out.

If you’re looking for an email service that automatically connects with the rest of your creative work, give Podia a try today. You can get started for free and scale up as you grow, and our team will be here cheering you on every step of the way.


Quick answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • Podia is an all-in-one creator platform with a full website builder, digital products, online course creation, webinars, coaching, community, affiliate marketing, email marketing, embeds, integrations, analytics, and customer messaging.

    See Podia’s full feature list here.

  • Yep! Podia Email is completely free for up to 100 subscribers, so you can start building your email list today. Once you reach 100 subscribers, you will have the option to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Podia Email is completely free for up to 100 subscribers. If you have more than 100 subscribers, Podia Email plans start at $9 per month ($7 per month annually). See the exact price for your number of subscribers on the pricing page.

  • Podia Email is a full-featured email platform with everything you need to run your online business. See how Podia Email stacks up against other email service providers in our detailed comparison articles:

  • Sure thing! We can migrate your subscribers when you sign up for an annual Podia Email plan. The free migration includes your subscribers’ names, email addresses, tags, and existing automations. Learn more about Podia Email migrations.

  • Absolutely! Podia Email has an easy to use visual email designer, so you can create beautiful looking emails in no time. You can use one of the pre-designed templates to get started, or create your own. Customize your colors, fonts, images, sections, backgrounds, buttons, and more. Plus all emails sent from Podia Email are fully mobile responsive so they will look great on any device.

  • Absolutely! You can check out our Podia demo site, which we’ve built to show you what the Podia experience will look like for both you and your customers.

    There are also dozens of creator example sites on our Examples page, so you can see what other creators just like you have built using Podia.

  • We’d love to. Podia’s customer support is here for you, seven days a week. Just reach out to us on chat and a real, friendly person will be delighted to help you out.

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