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How do you know when it’s time to move on from an old-school email platform?

Mailchimp was the first big email platform, and a lot of businesses still love it. But today you have options that easily connect to the rest of your business and send beautiful emails — all at a more affordable price.

Mailchimp vs. Podia Email

Mailchimp is a standalone email platform. Podia brings your email marketing into the same place as the rest of your business. Which option makes the most sense for you?


Free plan with 100 subscribers
Send unlimited emails on all plans
Scheduling and automation on all plans
Segments and tagging
Email templates
Free website
Sell digital products, courses, and coaching
Run your online community
Friendly support on all plans


Free plan with 500 contacts
x Email send limits on all plans
x No email scheduling on the free plan
Segments and tagging
Email templates
Free website
Storefront feature for US and UK only
x No community feature
x Limited support on the free plan

This table has Podia,Mailchimp columns and 18 rows

Comparing Podia vs. Mailchimp



Free plan

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes

Free plan subscriber limits

Podia is100

Mailchimp is500

Unlimited email sends

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no

Email templates

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes

Segments & audiences

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes


Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes

A/B testing

Podia is no

Mailchimp is yes


Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes


Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes

Landing pages

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is yes

Sell digital products

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no

Sell online courses

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no

Sell coaching

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no

Community memberships

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no


Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no

Affiliate marketing management

Podia is yes

Mailchimp is no


Podia is1,900+

Mailchimp is+300


Podia isEmail support on all plans, email and chat support on paid plans

Mailchimp isEmail support for 30 days on the free plan, email and chat support on paid plans

Need help moving your products and customers to Podia?

Need help moving your products and customers to Podia?

Learn about migrations

Video demo

Podia email in action

Wondering if Podia is the best email marketing software for you? Go behind the scenes in this video walkthrough, where Ben will show you the ins and outs of Podia’s email features.

“What sets Podia Email apart from other email service providers is the fact that it is contained together with all the other parts of the Podia system. The communication between the email, the subscribers, and the products is seamless, and that saves time and errors.”

  • Gloria Sloan-Castellanos, Asociación ASISTE
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Podia connects your email list with the rest of your online business.

Sell unlimited digital downloads, online courses, community memberships, coaching sessions, and live or pre-recorded webinars. With Podia, you can manage all your email subscribers, customers, products, and affiliates under one roof.

Build a full website and unlimited pages.

No need to pay extra for third-party landing page builders. Podia gives you a beginner-friendly website builder with unlimited pages for free so you can customize your online home however you like. Plus, you can seamlessly add eye-catching email opt-in forms with a click.

Start growing your email list on the free plan.

Podia’s free plan includes your first 100 email subscribers, tagging, segments, and unlimited active email campaigns. You can also build your full website, sell coaching and a digital download, and start an online community so you can launch your online business without spending a dime.

Why creators choose Podia over Mailchimp

Here are some reasons entrepreneurs choose Podia to power their businesses.

Unlimited segments and tags

Talk to specific people in your audience, or grow multiple audiences around different interests using our powerful segmentation and tagging features. You can also send an email to people based on how many products they’ve purchased, how much money they’ve spent with you, and other advanced filters.

Track which emails generate the most sales

Podia’s email dashboard will show you how many products you sold from a specific email, and your total earnings for each of your email marketing campaigns.

A support team that's here for you

The number one reason people cite for loving Podia? Our customer service. We’re always here to help, with real people offering email support on all plans, and email + chat support on all paid plans.

Simple and fair pricing

With Podia, you get 100 email subscribers for free on every plan. After that, you can add on more for an affordable price as you grow. That’s it. No complicated price scales or sneaky hidden fees.

What could your emails look like? Here are some of the free email templates available with Podia

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Podia vs. Mailchimp: Which one is right for me?

Podia and Mailchimp are both tools for managing and automating your email marketing, but while Mailchimp exclusively focuses on email, Podia gives you a wide range of features for running your entire business.

Every creator business is unique, so to help you make the best choice for your situation, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

Pricing and plan limits for Podia and Mailchimp

Nearly all email marketing platforms, including Podia and Mailchimp, have different plans and pricing based on the number of email subscribers you have. As you grow your list, you must upgrade to continue contacting your audience members.

Here’s how the plans, prices, and limits work for Podia and Mailchimp.

With Podia, you’ll start by choosing a base plan:

  • Free (10% transaction fee): Includes a website, community, one digital download, one online coaching product, and customer messaging
  • Starter: $9/month or $4/month when paid annually (8% transaction fee), includes everything on the Free plan plus a custom domain, integration with Google Analytics, and live chat support
  • Mover: $39/month or $33/month when paid annually (5% transaction fee), includes everything on the Starter plan plus unlimited digital products, unlimited courses, and our simple online course builder
  • Shaker: $89/month or $75/month when paid annually, includes everything on the Mover plan plus affiliates and embeddable checkout.

All plans include your first 100 email subscribers for free. If you have more subscribers, you’ll pay an additional fee.

  • Up to 100 subscribers: Free
  • Up to 500 subscribers: $9/month
  • Up to 1500 subscribers: $17/month
  • Up to 2500 subscribers: $25/month
  • Up to 5000 subscribers: $42/month
  • Up to 10000 subscribers: $63/month
  • See pricing for more subscribers

There are no email send limits with Podia, so you can send as many messages as you like on all plans.

Mailchimp offers four different base plans and the price of each plan varies depending on the size of your list. Each plan also has email send limits, so if you hope to send lots of messages to your followers, this is something to keep an eye on.

  • Free: Up to 500 contacts with 1,000 monthly email sends
  • Essentials: Starting at $13/month for 500 contacts and 5,000 monthly email sends
  • Standard: Starting at $20/month for 500 contacts and 6,000 monthly email sends
  • Premium: Starting at $350/month for 500 contacts with 150,000 monthly email sends

To illustrate, let’s say you have a list with 1,500 subscribers.

With Podia, you could use the free plan with the email add-on and your total cost per month would be $17. You’d also get unlimited email sends to those 1,500 subscribers, and a free website, community, digital download, and coaching product.

With Mailchimp, you wouldn’t be eligible for the free plan and the prices for 1,500 contacts increase significantly:

  • Essentials: $26.50 per month, limit of 15,000 monthly email sends
  • Standard: $60 per month, limit of 30,000 monthly email sends
  • Premium: $350 per month, limit of 150,000 monthly email sends

If you exceed your email limits in a given month, you have to pay overage charges too.

How many audiences or segments can I have?

As your audience grows, you might need a way to send emails to certain people on your list but not others. You can do this by creating different groupings of people from your main list.

With Podia, you can set up segments and tags. Segments are groups of audience members that you can customize based on filters. For example, you can make segments based on when people were last active, which products they have purchased, how much they’ve spent with you, or which tags are associated with them.

Tags are labels you can manually add to audience members based on shared characteristics. You can send a campaign or broadcast email to a specific tag or segment, or to your entire list.

Podia Email filtering, segments, and tags

With Mailchimp, you can organize your email list by breaking it into different audiences, then building segments within each audience. You get one audience on the free plan, three audiences on the Essentials plan, five audiences on the Standard plan, and unlimited audiences on the Premium plan.

Email scheduling and automation can make your business run on autopilot

Ever wish you could deliver content, engage with followers, and make sales without having to spend 23 hours a day tied to your computer? Scheduling and automation can help.

Email scheduling allows you to write an email whenever you have time and send it to your audience at a later date. Automations are pre-written emails or campaigns that are sent to audience members whenever they take a certain action, like purchasing a product, opting in to a newsletter, or downloading a lead magnet.

With Podia, you can schedule and send as many broadcasts and campaigns as you like on all plans.

With Mailchimp, you can schedule emails and set up automated campaigns on paid plans.

Will my emails look pretty?

Email is an essential part of communicating with your followers, and the messages you send should look cohesive with your brand.

Both Podia and Mailchimp have an email builder that’s easy to use and templates that can jumpstart your creativity.

Here are some design features you get with Podia:

  • Endless design options: You can change the background color, width, vertical padding, typeface, font color, headings, and other styles to match your brand.
  • Customize your dividers, buttons, and sections: You can adjust individual sections how you want. Yes, you can set global options, but you can also completely adjust each section to your heart’s content.
  • Style the header and footer: Adjust the colors, logos, and links you want to highlight in your header and footer sections.
  • Templates: You’ll be able to select a starting pre-made template that we’ve designed for you or choose one of the recent ones you’ve made yourself.

Podia Email customizing templates

Podia also allows you to view your message in your web browser and edit your design from your mobile device. Sending newsletters on the go just got easier.

Mailchimp offers a library of templates that you can customize, and you can import your own HTML templates on the Standard plan and above.

Making websites and landing pages that feel like yours

In addition to email marketing tools, both Podia and Mailchimp allow you to build a website and landing pages for free. Third-party website tools can get complicated and pricey fast. Connecting your email list with the rest of your online presence keeps things simple.

Podia’s point-and-click website builder is so simple that you can set up your website in an afternoon, with a totally customized style. Podia includes over a dozen pre-designed sections so you know your page heroes, images, grids, testimonials, FAQs, and products look amazing.

Website guide: Example Podia site

There are native integrations for your Google Analytics code, Facebook Pixel, and Pinterest tag so you can track how users are interacting with your website.

“Podia makes website building so fun. I feel like I could set up a site in an afternoon, and it would look great. And there’s something to be said for how pretty it is. It’s the best-looking one by far.”

— Joseph D’Amico, Flex Lessons

Mailchimp also has website functionality where you can pick a theme and set default colors and fonts. You can choose from six different block types and add as many sections as you like to each page. You can also add unlimited pages and customize the header and footer.

Selling products and managing your email marketing go hand in hand

Podia and Mailchimp both give creators the option to sell products.

Podia is best for selling digital products like courses, digital downloads, community memberships, webinars, and coaching sessions. Because Podia products tie directly into your email list, you can easily deliver files, run drip courses, create product waitlists, and send community notifications to your members.

Podia’s all-in-one platform also includes affiliate program management, so you can incentivize happy customers to promote your products for you. You can use PayPal or Stripe as your payment processor with Podia.

Mailchimp is better suited for selling physical products. The Mailchimp ecommerce storefront feature is only available in the USA and the UK, and sellers can make domestic sales and shipments. If you’d like to sell digital products, you’ll need to use an integration or third-party tool like Zapier to connect with another platform. Mailchimp uses Stripe as the payment processor.

Support is one of the most important features of any platform

Even the most tech-savvy creators will have questions along the way, and it’s important to be able to get answers when you need them.

Mailchimp’s free users only get thirty days of email support. After that, you’re on your own and you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to access chat and email support in the future. That said, there are help docs available to all users at any time.

Podia users get expert support, help docs, free training courses, guides, video tutorials, and access to our welcoming Creator Community on all plans. Email support is available to everyone and paid users also get quick chat support.

Good support is key to success, and you should always feel like your platform has your back.

If you’re ready to launch your dream online business, create courses, sell products, manage your email marketing, and so much more with a friendly team who gets it, we’d love to have you.


Quick answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • Podia is an all-in-one creator platform with a full website builder, digital products, online course creation, webinars, coaching, community, affiliate marketing, email marketing, embeds, integrations, analytics, and customer messaging.

    See Podia’s full feature list here.

  • Yep! Podia Email is completely free for up to 100 subscribers, so you can start building your email list today. Once you reach 100 subscribers, you will have the option to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Podia Email is completely free for up to 100 subscribers. If you have more than 100 subscribers, Podia Email plans start at $9 per month ($7 per month annually). See the exact price for your number of subscribers on the pricing page.

  • Podia Email is a full-featured email platform with everything you need to run your online business. See how Podia Email stacks up against other email service providers in our detailed comparison articles:

  • Sure thing! We can migrate your subscribers when you sign up for an annual Podia Email plan. The free migration includes your subscribers’ names, email addresses, tags, and existing automations. Learn more about Podia Email migrations.

  • Absolutely! Podia Email has an easy to use visual email designer, so you can create beautiful looking emails in no time. You can use one of the pre-designed templates to get started, or create your own. Customize your colors, fonts, images, sections, backgrounds, buttons, and more. Plus all emails sent from Podia Email are fully mobile responsive so they will look great on any device.

  • Absolutely! You can check out our Podia demo site, which we’ve built to show you what the Podia experience will look like for both you and your customers.

    There are also dozens of creator example sites on our Examples page, so you can see what other creators just like you have built using Podia.

  • We’d love to. Podia’s customer support is here for you, seven days a week. Just reach out to us on chat and a real, friendly person will be delighted to help you out.

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