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I absolutely love Podia’s user interface - it is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate as the creator. I also love that they keep their product simple, there are no hidden upcharges, only one flat investment each month and you can create as many products as you want.

Amanda Boleyn, Entrepreneur

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“I can say so many good things about Podia. It has helped me build my business with so much ease. I love how simple it is to build a course. This business is ever-growing with new updates coming out almost weekly it feels like! I am always so excited to see what’s new! The customer service is absolutely amazing! I love this company!”

— Gigi D,
Marketing and Advertising

“The setup was super easy…After setting up the dashboard, building the storefront for our freebies and the subscriber signup was childsplay. Everything looks super pretty, in our brand colors, and, NO KIDDING; our email list that we had built over 14 months with MailChimp DOUBLED in just 10 weeks.”

— Nicole K,

“Podia is easy to use and it is BEAUTIFUL. The staff is super available for support and the platform is growing and being added to all the time. I LOVE how the storefront is integrated, so I was able to close my shopify account (with all the other class platforms I was looking at, I would have had to keep shopify as well). It is truly all in one. I love the ability to sell courses, digital downloads, AND memberships all in one place-- no extra apps or add ons needed. It’s simple, easy, and clear.”

— Jill G,

“Podia took away all the stress of my self-hosted Wordpress membership site. Trying to build a custom site on a low budget turned out to be a disaster for me. I have no problem administering my own website but the tech stack for a membership and course site caused me no end of headaches. I was spending all my spare time on tech and not serving my members. I persevered for six months, and I finally gave up when I found Podia.”

— Matt M,
Asset Management Specialist

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