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You’ve probably heard that effective sales copy can make or break the success of your online course.

But sitting down to write a sales page can be an overwhelming experience.

Where do you even start? 🤷

How do you know what to write? 🤔

And how do you know if it’s any good? 🤯

The Sales Page Copy Generator was built by copywriting experts who have written sales copy for multiple six-figure product launches.

You’ll just answer a few questions about your product and your audience, and we’ll create a personalized sales page just for you.

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Answer a few questions about your business

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Generate a sales page that’s custom-built for YOUR product.

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Generate your sales page in less than 10 minutes.

Question 1 (of 10)

What is your course or product called?

Let's start with a simple one... What are you going to call it? 

Question 2 (of 10)

Fill in the blank in the following statements:

My awesome product is perfect for people struggling to ______.

e.g. generate leads, lose weight, learn to draw, etc…

Question 3 (of 10)

How long is your course?

Days, weeks, modules, etc...

Question 4 (of 10)

Throughout your course, what will the student learn to do?

e.g., how to plan 7 days of meals, a step-by-step strategy for keyword research, a proven system to write better outreach emails, etc…

Question 5 (of 10)

What are the key benefits your course provides?

e.g., grow your business, fit into your college clothes, generate more leads

Important: write as if you’re talking TO the student (e.g., grow your business, rather than grow their business)

Add a benefit
Question 6 (of 10)

Do you have any testimonials from past students? (Optional)

If so, add them here. If not, leave this section blank and check out our tips for asking for testimonials.

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Question 7 (of 10)

What’s your first name?

Question 8 (of 10)

Finally, what’s your email?

Question 9 (of 10)

Would you like to include a photo of yourself? (Optional)

Adding a photo of yourself increases conversion!

Question 10 (of 10)

Do you have a course image you'd like to upload? (Optional)

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