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Infographic: The State of the Side Hustle

We surveyed 2,000 creators to find out how they are monetizing their content. Here’s what we found.

The creator economy is booming, and employers should be terrified.

In our State of the Side Hustle survey, we asked digital content creators — bloggers, podcasters and video creators — to share how they earn money.

Here are some of the highlights:

The hammer is about to drop for employers: 40% of the creators we surveyed have a day job, and 73% of them plan to quit to become a full-time creator. Of those creators who plan to quit their jobs, 44% plan to leave in the next 12 months.

The most common channels for monetization are selling digital products (70%), consulting and freelancing (49%) and ads, sponsors or donations (15%).

Consulting and freelancing is the highest-earning channel for 41% of creators, while 30% list digital products as their highest-earning channel.

But that’s going to change, as 73% of creators plan to increase how much they sell products directly to their audience. Meanwhile, 37% of creators plan to decrease how much they monetize through consulting & freelancing, and 39% plan to decrease how much they monetize through third-parties like advertisers, sponsors and affiliate partners.

See the full infographic below!