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Filming your online course with iPhone - How to shoot video like a pro (7 tips)

Want to make professional-looking videos for your online course but don't have a fancy camera? No problem. If you have an iPhone (or some other type of smartphone) you've got access to an amazing camera that can produce beautiful video.

I'm going to give you 7 tips for filming with an iPhone that will help you shoot video like a pro and make you excited to share your videos with your students.


Tip #1: Stabilize your shot

  • Set your phone on a sturdy surface

  • Use a tripod adapter that works with your phone

Tip #2: Make sure you're properly framed

  • Don't set up too close or too far away

  • Frame yourself from about mid-chest up and leave space above your head

  • Be sure to turn your phone sideways

Tip #3: Consider what's in your background

  • You should be the focus of the video

  • Remove items that might be distracting or clutter the background

  • Consider adding items that fit with the context of your lesson or that are consistent with your brand to add visual interest

Tip #4: Think about the lighting

  • You don't need a professional lighting set up

  • You can use a basic two point lighting technique with natural light

    • Set up next to a window on one side

    • Use something to reflect the window light on the opposite side

Tip #5: Use a separate audio source

Tip #6: Test for audio quality

  • Make sure there's not a lot of ambient noise (road noise, A/C noise)

  • Make sure there's not a lot of reverb

    • Rooms with hard floors and high ceilings tend to create more reverb

    • Set up where there's more carpet and cushioned furniture

  • Do the clap test to see how much reverb there is in your room

Tip #7: Lock-in your focus and exposure

  • Tap and hold the focus box until it says "AE/AF LOCK" on the top of your screen

  • Try to get someone to do this for you as you sit where you'll be during the recording

Bonus tip: Use apps for extra camera features

  • One of my favorites is camera + ( )

  • Can be great for getting more manual control over your iPhone's camera

  • It's a bit more advanced so if you're just starting out, stick with the native camera app


iPhone lapel mic ( )

iPhone condenser mic ( )

Camera + app ( )

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