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How to create an online course in 90 minutes (4 easy steps)

You've been wanting to create an online course but have been putting it off because making an online course is a huge time commitment, right? What if you could build and launch your course in less than a day?

In this video we're going to share 4 easy steps to help you make and launch your online course. No more dragging your feet. Let's get started! To make it easier, we've made a free Course Outline Template.

Get it here:


Step 1: Write an outline (10 minutes)

  • Don't just brain-dump. Start with the end result.

  • Write out the steps your student might take to achieve that result.

  • Break your steps down further in the Course Outline Template.

Step 2: Create slides (30 minutes)

  • Following your outline, create slide presentations of your lessons.

  • Don't get too detailed. Share highlights and key takeaways.

Step 3: Screen record each lesson individually (40 minutes)

  • Record your screen with a microphone as your source and progress through the slides as you read through your script.

Step 4: Upload your videos and write your course description (10 minutes)

  • If you’ve scripted your content, you may already have what you need as teaser text.

Conclusion: It’s not about making a course as fast as possible, but actually getting started on something. You can’t improve on something you haven’t created, so get started today.


About the author

Ben is a video content marketer for Podia, an all-in-one platform where online courses, digital downloads, and membership websites – alongside their creators – thrive.