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Podia online course editor update - Full demo


At Podia, we recently made some fantastic updates to our online course editor. And as someone who sells online courses through Podia, I’m really excited about these new features. To show you these new features and updates, I thought I’d make a quick video to walk you through how to set up and edit your online course.

Let’s get into it.

To start off, we’re going to go to the “Products” tab in our dashboard. From here, click “Create product,” type in the title of your online course, make sure “Online course” is selected, and click “Create product”.

If you’ve outlined or structured your online course to have modules or sections, you can add them here. Down at the bottom of the page, click “New section”. Now, title your new section, and add a description. Below that, you can set your section to be available immediately, or you can delay it by a certain number of days from when your student accesses the course. Once you’re done creating your section, click “Save”.

You can add various types of content to your online course, including text, links, a quiz, or you can choose from a number of different file types. To add content to your section, you can either click on one of the content types in the top section, or you can click the drop-down within your section and choose a content type.

Let’s go ahead and add some text. On this page, I can give this content a title and then add my content. Below that, I can set options for visibility. Once I’m finished, I’ll click “Save”.

Now I’m going to add a video. I’ll click on “Choose file,” and then I can select a file from my computer. Once the video is uploaded, you can click on it and create a new title, upload a thumbnail or caption file, and add a description or other content. When you’re done making those changes, just click “Save”.

Finally, let’s go ahead and add a quiz. On this page, you can add a quiz title, add questions, and provide options for your students for when they take the quiz. When you’re done adding a question, click “Create question”. Once you’ve created your first question, you can also choose the visibility. Your quiz will automatically save, so all you have to do is click “Done”.

You can repeat those steps until you’ve gotten all of your sections and all of your content added to your course. Notice how each type of content has its own icon, shows you the content title, and also some metadata about that content.

For example, the video has a video icon and also shows you the length of the video.

Now let’s look at the “Details” tab. Under the “Details” tab, you can edit your course name, you can select categories, and you can also edit the visibility of comments on your online course.

Under “Pricing,” you can set a price for your online course with options for a one-time payment or monthly payments, and you can also add upsells to other products.

Under the “Availability” tab, you can manage different types of availability and visibility, and you can also set a start date for your course.

One of the best things about the online course editing experience is that this whole interface is mobile-friendly, so you can also do all of this from your mobile device.

When you’re ready to publish, click the “Publish” drop-down, and select “Publish”.

I hope you’re as excited about these new updates as I am. As an online course creator, it makes managing my existing course so much easier, and it makes me really excited for my next course.

If you have any questions about building or launching an online course, please leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to respond. And if you don’t have a Podia account, but you want to test this out, you can go to for a free 14-day trial, and you can try all of this out for yourself.

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