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The ultimate guide to creating and selling online courses

Selling courses can be a great way to earn money from your passion, but if you're like most creators, you probably have a lot of stuff you're trying to figure out:

  • Coming up with a profitable course idea (or choosing the best idea from a long list) πŸ’‘

  • Figuring out what to even put in your course. It’s overwhelming! πŸ€”

  • What content format should you use? πŸ“ΉπŸŽ€πŸ—’οΈπŸŽ¨

  • How do you host and sell this stuff? Sounds like a technical headache. 🀯

  • What can you do to make sure that people actually buy? πŸ“ˆ

This video teaches you ALL of that, and more.

Grab the free guides mentioned in the video below:

About the author

Len Markidan is the CMO of Podia, a platform for creators to sell online courses, membership sites and digital downloads. He’s created and sold six-figure online courses using strategies like the ones in this article. Get his free 12,000+ word guide to creating profitable online courses, even if you’ve never done it before.