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What is a digital product? (Definition and examples)

Learn what a digital product is, the most popular types of digital products, and examples of digital products sold by creators like you.

What is a digital product?

A digital product is any product that is created, distributed, and consumed in an electronic format. These products are often made and sold by artists, writers, programmers, musicians, designers, and other types of creators. This category includes ebooks, online courses , software, music, videos, art, templates, printables, and more.

Creators can sell digital products online through various platforms, including their own websites, digital marketplaces like Etsy , and social media. Selling digital products can be a great way for creators to monetize their audience because they don't require pricey physical overhead and can be sold to customers worldwide. 

  • Digital downloads, like printables, checklists, and templates

  • Ebooks

  • Online courses

  • Software and apps

  • Photography and stock images

  • Icons and graphics

  • Fonts

  • Audio and video files

Examples of digital products


Tamkara Adun is an author, researcher, and founder of Odunife African Language and History School .

Tamkara's first digital products were African history programs . When she saw her audience's appetite for learning on Instagram, she turned the home lessons she was using with her kids into online courses.

Next, she connected with African language instructors to build an online language school . When audience members approached her asking questions with complex answers, Tamkara created a one-on-one coaching product. 

Tamkara's digital products now include online language and history courses, workshops, ebooks, and coaching and consulting services.

Read more about how Tamkara built a collaborative community of learning on her creator journey.

Becky Mollenkamp

Becky Mollenkamp is a mindset coach who helps people make the shift from “small business owner” to CEO. Through her Gutsy Boss brand, she has helped thousands of clients define success on their terms.

In addition to online coaching services , Becky sells PDF workbooks — Gutsy Guides — that tackle many of the common issues her audience encounter, like boundary-setting, making big asks, and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Learn more about Becky's creator business, including how she matches potential clients with the right digital products.

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