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What is online coaching? (Definition and examples)

Learn what online coaching is, the benefits of selling coaching online, and examples of online coaching businesses from real creators.

What is online coaching?

Online coaching means that clients work with a coach over the internet instead of meeting in person. Coaches help clients achieve their goals by giving them guidance and support one-on-one or in a group. This can be done through video calls, chat, online forums, or email.

You can sell online coaching services in many ways, including one-time meetings, multi-session packages, group coaching, and pre-recorded resources. Online courses and online communities can also include a coaching component.

Benefits of selling coaching online

Here are some of the benefits of selling online coaching services:

  • Flexibility: You can work from anywhere — and reach clients who live anywhere, too.

  • Cost-efficiency: You don't need a physical office, which lowers overhead costs.

  • Scalability: You can reach more clients without increasing expenses. Offering group coaching and pre-recorded sessions can also help you reach more clients in less time.

  • Convenience: Clients can access your services when and where works best for them.

Types of online coaching businesses

Some of the most popular types of online coaching include:

  • Business coaching

  • Fitness coaching

  • Health & wellness coaching

  • Life coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Executive coaching

  • Educational coaching

  • Mindset coaching

Online coaching business examples

Advocacy Alley

Jessica Wilson is the founder of Advocacy Alley , where she helps members of marginalized groups learn to build confidence and advocate for themselves in every part of their lives.

Jessica was inspired to start her coaching business after advocating for herself with doctors and hospitals during a health crisis: “It gave me this aha moment: How many people are out here accepting such subpar treatment?"

Now, alongside a full-time job as an industrial engineer and raising twin daughters, Jessica sells self-advocacy courses and coaching. Clients can choose between email-only coaching and Advocacy in Action, a package of eight weekly one-hour coaching sessions.

Jessica helps coaching clients gain confidence and advocate for themselves in medical, personal, and professional situations.

Learn more about Jessica's self-advocacy journey and creator business .


Valeria Hernández is the founder of VegiVale, a plant-based health coaching business.

When Valeria faced obstacles with her health, she started crafting authentic Mexican dishes with vegan ingredients. These discoveries inspired Valeria to help other women of color embrace plant-based foods that celebrate their culture. 

"Being Latina, I understand what they’re going through," she explains. "I can speak to specific things they would be struggling with that maybe other people wouldn't."

Valeria offers two coaching products: A seven-day private nutrition intensive and a 16-week wellness and mindset coaching program. 

Through online coaching and content, Valeria helps clients eat more delicious fruits and vegetables, enjoy the cultural foods they love, and live energized lives.

Read more about how Valeria built a mindful health coaching business while avoiding creative burnout .

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